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Duel Links General #3787

Visions of the Future special edition

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Duel Links is an iOS, Android and PC Yu-Gi-Oh! game that utilizes the VRAINS Speed Duel format
>New player FAQ
>Datamines Drive

? March
>An updated banlist has debutted this 25th with skill changes already being implemented(R.I.P Koa'ki Meiru, you will not be missed)
>Duel Quest has returned again
>The Sartorius event has already begun until and the madman can be unlocked anytime, go go go!
?2020, August
>Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links finally dies because Konami went bankrupt due to poor decisions

? Useful (Duel) Links
Useful Resources with a wealth of info on LDs, skills, deck lists, events, etc
>Dkayed's Duel Links website:
>Official Duel Links page:

? Tips for new players
>Create and link a Konami ID to play on multiple devices and save your progress in the event of a data wipe
>Turn your battery/power usage bar up to max in the settings menu for a smoother experience
>Read the New Player FAQ before asking your questions in the thread and spending gems