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Happy birthday Hanabi!
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>Latest dev interview reveals SK7 is "not releasable as originally intended" and is being heavily altered
>Rin has joined New Link!
>Burst Re:Newal is now available on PS4 and PC! DLC Schedule here:
>Shinovi Master will get Blu-Ray and DVD Releases with improved animation.
>Marvelous to announce a new title for "that series" soon. It's likely they're referring to Senran Kagura, but it's unclear if they're referring to 7even
>Peach Ball is out in Japan!
>PC "port" of New Link is up
>Senran Kagura Reflexions released and available for purchase digitally at the Switch eShop for $9.99!
>Bon Appetit's physical editions by Limited Run Games have completely sold out!
>Uppers to be released on PS4 and PC featuring Daidouji

>Complete Character Listing
>New Wave pastebin
>New Link pastebin
>Peach Beach Splash CG Pack!atsXBCSI!BSJF1VKiFIt7ja601CuHH8NX3CP5bItVmUNGSQo0o9Y
>Newest Fanart
>RIP Drawthread

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