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>Valentines 2019
There's a new mat
The event starts 6/2 and ends on 20/2
Valentines 2019 will be fully voiced
Murasaki Shikibu is always on rateup
Besides the solo rateup days, there are two rateups each day, these rateups are all split with Murasaki but are otherwise separate, stop panicking about 3way rateups.
12th: Anastasia and Jeanne
13th: Osakabehime and Mordred
14th: Sitonai and Drake
15th: Artoria and Tamamo
16th: Bradamante and Scheherazade
17th to 20th: Murasaki solo rateup
Next stream 16/2

>Farming Guide

>Mega Pastebin
>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: April 5)
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>Materials, experience and event AP simulators
>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine