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> What is Wargroove?
Wargroove is an indie ripoff of Advanced Wars that takes place in a Fantasy Setting and was made by ChuckleFish. It is mechanically about 90% identical to Advance Wars.

> Why not just play Advance Wars?
Wargroove offers a deep map and campaign editor aswell as crossplay multiplayer between PC, Switch and Xbox One for up to 4 players.
Mod support is also planned (No ETA yet).

> Where to get Wargroove?

> More Information:

> Booru to collect all custom art/sprites/portraits for eventual modding, please make sure to give your images some tags

> How do i create/change Portraits/Sprites?
The Devs themselves use the software Aseprite to create their art. You can buy it on Steam or download it here:!6WpnBDbS!H52FgnuLYKuRfiFJvUBLmFCLuQGOgfN2YvaGtFkpZTk

> Are there any mods yet?
While mod support has not been officially added yet, this independent mod tools lets you basically edit any of the games files.

>"I downloaded the ModPacker but it wont run"
You also require java 11 to run it

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