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Ongoing Event
Maint: 14:00-18:00 JST, 31 Jan
Yukikaze wedding; Warspite, Sirius Story.

Warspite UR remodel (31 Jan - 14 Feb)
1) Play minigame to acquire 7 items, use them to retrofit

Winters Crown (24 Jan - Feb 14)
1) Clear maps to acquire tickets for Lottery, Destroy post battle enemy for bonus
2) Construction: Sirius, Victorious, Matchless, Sheffield, Jamaica
3) Map Drop: Duke of York, Musketeer, Fiji, Jamaica
4) Skins: Jamaica, DoY, Victorious, Sheffield, Sirius
5) Lottery: Grenville, DoY, book, blueprints, bullins etc.

Maint: 00:00-08:00 PST, 31s Jan
Yat Sen; Ping Hai, Ning Hai, Portland retrofit

Lunar New Year (21 Jan - 7 Feb)
1) Complete daily missions to get Kisaragi skin
2) Skins: Takao, Fusou, Aurora, Vampire, Unicorn, Ping Hai, Ning Hai
3) Lunar new year dorm

Encircling Graf Spee (31st Jan - 14th Feb)
1) Graf Spee and both her skins

Spring Festival Sugoroku (31 Jan - 14 Feb)
1) Acquire points from all minigame to get Kimberly Qipao skin
2) Construction(up): Curacoa, Curlaw, Kimberly, Mullany,Chaser, Chang Chun, Tai Yuan
3) Skins: Monarch, Centaur[JP]; Belfast(L2D), Enterprise, Yuugure, Kimberly, Mullany, Chaser Ayanami, Laffey(L2D), Lexington, Tai Yuan(L2D)
4) Spring Fest Lucky Bag
5) NY Fest dorm
6) Play paint and boxing minigames to get An Shan, Fu Shun

UI update soon. WoWs Collab 2 teased.

Make a bind code or link the game to a twitter account if you're playing on JP/EN or you might lose your account when the game updates.
/alg/ doesn't have its own discord or guild.



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