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Cute black mage edition

>New patch UP. Details: - Matchmaking - Ranking system - Draft bots - Phase ladder

-Holiday Pauper with Llanowar Elves and Firemind's Research Promos!
-Ravnica Allegiance cards being spoiled
-What's happening with 5th cards -
-Ravnica ranked draft is back
-Traditional Guilds of Ravnica draft is back
-Sealed Rivals of Ixalan
-Ixalan block sealed is SOON
-Use the code "PlayRavnica" in the in-game store to get three Guilds of Ravnica packs for free.
-MTG Arena esports confirmed, more at

>Current/Upcoming Events Schedule

>Useful Links (Download the game here) (Metagame Information, Standard Articles, Budget Standard Decks) (Tracks win/loss information, gives information on vault progress, card database) (Metagame overview) (Read the site name) (Guilds of Ravnica Draft Pick Guide) (Card database) (Recent event winning decks)

Pastebin for newbies (work in progress)

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