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VGL roster rep poll

>Winterfes bait rateup
Next event requires you to clear LB3
Kiyohime and Tamamo Cat animation updates
Rider loli Da Vinci is Arcade exclusive for now
Napoleon and Meph are always on rateup
Valkyries: 24, 27-28
Edison: 25, 29-30
Together: 21-23, 26, 31

>Christmas 2018/Holy Samba Night: Snowy Ruins and the Knight Girl
New CC effects:
>SSR: Get 4 stars
>SR: Damage plus 1000 on the attack
>R: Remove 1 Def Buff on enemy
Bradamante: 21-25
Martha: 19-25
Martha Ruler: 17-25


>Farming Guide

>FAQ (embed)

>Mega Pastebin (embed) (embed)

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: April 5)
View list:

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine