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/alg/ - Azur Lane General #596

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>Ongoing Event
Fallen Wings (Oct 25/26 - Nov 14/15 EOD):
1) Limited construction: Washington, Minneapolis, Colorado, Maryland, Kalk.
2) Map drops: North Carolina, West Virginia, Wasp.
3) Point gacha: Wasp, Hobby, North Carolina.
4) B3/D3 3-star reward: West Virginia.
5) Skins: Minneapolis, Kalk, Hobby.

Mischievous Halloween (Oct 30th - Nov 14th EOD)
1) Skins: Nelson, Isuzu, Terror, Cleveland, Ayanami, Kagerou, Shouhou
2) Limited dorm set "Ghostly Witch House"
3) Bailey skin: complete "Tricky Bailey" quest

UI update and Utawarerumono collab soon. Atago swimsuit live2D on next patch.
[EN]Halloween cage, Chapter 9, Ayanami Retrofit, Illustrious, Inazuma, Ikazuchi Tea Party Skin on the 15th Nov.
USS Concord announced.

Make a bind code or link the game to a twitter account if you're playing on JP/EN or you might lose your account when the game updates.
/alg/ doesn't have its own discord or guild.

>FAQ, READ THIS FIRST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS (Guides and anthology) (embed)


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