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Welcome to the Dragon Quest General! Everything related to the Dragon Quest series or known as Dragon Warrior is discussed here.

Dragon Quest Monsters Young Erik and Mia Edition
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>DQ News:
-A new DQ Monsters game was announced recently starring Erik & Mia. No release date yet.
-DQ Builders 2 is coming to the West in 2019.
-DQ Builders 2 demo announced
-Former DQX producer Yosuke Saito & DQ series exec. producer Yuu Miyake showed an interest in developing an offline version of DQX & a smartphone version of Dragon Quest 9
-DQXI Orchestral Mod:
-DQXI for the Switch will be called, "DQXI S." No release date yet.
-DQXI was recently released worldwide on PC/PS4. *Please tag your DQXI spoilers appropriately. If you are at Act 2, please tag your story related posts as spoilers. Highlight your text & use Ctrl + S*

Versions to Play/Buy:
Setting up DQX:
Setting up DQ Rivals:
DQIX Treasure Map Searcher:




>"What should I start with?"
3 4 5 8 or 11 are generally the most recommended.

>"Can I post screenshots/liveblog?"
Yes! It is highly encouraged! We love seeing anons playing the games. Feel free to share your reactions with us!