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>15 million downloads campaign
4* ticket
New shop CE gives bond bonus
1/4 AP for story
40 quartz from stream and twitter
Another 10 from killing certain enemies in each singularity
You can change the speed text appears at
The usual 10 tickets, 10 apples and 10M QP + shop stuff
5* EXP is being put in the FP gacha
Abigail is always on rateup
Nezha: 10-11, 17
Circe: 12-13, 18
Together: 7-9, 14-16, 19-21

>Roster suggestions spreadsheet:
Open until next Friday ends. Then we'll run the usual couple of polls next Saturday and Sunday.

Read here for more details or if you don't know what this shit is about:


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: April 5)
View list:

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine