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Bunnygirls 2: Electric Boogaloo edition

-Official Website-

Patch Notes -

-/ms2g/ Guilds-
NA East: Yotsuba, Motivated, Mother Base, Holding Hands (RP), 100 Rads Bar
NA West: Vidya, Bully, Imperial Guard, Prinny Squad
EU: Europoor, Comfy
Post name and server for invite.

-Useful Information and Links-
General Info/UGC Preview (click "List" instead of "Info") -
Booru -
Dungeon Guides -
Miscellaneous Info (Fishing, Bonus Stat/Skill Points, Dye Unlocks, Titles)-
Golden Chests -
Music Nexus -
GMS2 Changes -
Update Roadmap -



the hangout is at ch 44 Coco Island or the Aniki house in Queenstown(east only)

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