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/2hug/ - Touhou General #231

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Scarlet Maidens

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>What is this game?
Touhou is a bullet hell series made by ZUN where cute girls shoot other cute girls.

>I have questions! (Includes FAQ, netplay guide, training tools and more)

>Where can I get the games? (All in one pack) (For separate game downloading)

>Touhou 16 and 15.5 on steam! Please support the official release.

>Touhou 16.5 on steam!

>Introduction and tips for new players~

>Touhou Image Hoarding Guide

>I have high FPS/Input lag, what do I do?
Download and apply Vpatch to reduce input lag, fix MoF MarisaB glitch, fix extremely high FPS and Windowed screen adjustment (Search 'vpatch tutorial' on youtube if you have problems installing it)

>/2hug/ Highscore Spreadsheet! (If you want to submit a score, use the term 'score' somewhere in your post)

>Fangames pastebin (Contains a fixed version of FMW2 without the game-breaking bug)

>Shmup-only Touhou Fangames!

Touhou is a videogame. Most likely.