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=== CALENDAR ===

[08-28] Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is out now on Nintendo Switch.

>Monster Hunter World PS4/Xbox events
[09-07] ~ [10-04] Arch Tempered Kushala Daora event quest. Clear to get the Guild Cross layered armor.
[09-21] ~ [10-04] The Autumn Harvest festival will be underway at the Celestial Pursuit. Clear old event quests and enjoy the sights while they last.
[09-21] ~ [10-04] Return of the Kulve Taroth siege.
?Kulve exploit guide:

>Monster Hunter World PC events
[09-21] ~ [09-27] Tempered Jho event quest.

=== INFO ===
>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.


>MHXX Update 1.4.0 /gw2g/ with English Patch v5
Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

>Where does /vg/ play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Private: Yes. Include the platform you're playing on when posting rooms. Ctrl+f 3pseat to find PC rooms.
Gen/XX, Objective/?????: Gathering/??????? (page 1, middle right)
4U, Target: Fishing

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