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Foolish /indie/ died again.
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>What the fuck is this
/indie/ is the general for all indie games, such as A Hat in Time, RUINER, Cuphead, Heat Signature, Steamworld Dig 2, LISA, Yume Nikki, OFF, Middens, Underrail, OneShot, Rimworld, Age of Decadence, VA-11 HALL-A, Subnautica, Machinarium, DashBored, Vampire of the Sands, Darkwood, Card City Nights 2, Braid, Monolith, Axiom Verge, Guacamelee, The Desolate Hope, West Of Loathing, Gone Home, Stardew Valley, etc. as well as other games that just don't fit in any other general such as Atelier, Rayman, Pillars Of Eternity, Rise Of Nations, and Valkyria Chronicles. Absorbed the /lite/ general some time ago and /jrpg/ is welcome.

Mobile or consoles, flash or unity, freeware or early access. This place is a home for the indie game community and indie and obscure games that don't have a home. So be free to talk and share all your hidden gems, forgotten games and starving devs here.

>Can I talk about games that already have a general?
We mostly discuss games that are not popular enough for their own threads (since they have no other home in /vg/), however, all indie games are allowed. So talk about them if you want, but don't overdo it since you already have other generals for that.

>How can I contribute?
All we need right now is people to talk about their loved indie and miscellaneous games, so don't be afraid to post, bump and reply your fellow anons. Also we're looking for anons to make new pastebins/wikis/images and update the ones already made. And please give lots of feel, love, kind and nice to everyone, except namefags. And be sure to make a new thread if nobody else does.



>Steam Group

>Link to the winners of the GTP Indie Cup.