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Gravity Hammer Is Cooler Than Energy Sword Edition

>Current Content Update:
- Warzone Firefight (available on 6 maps)
- Campaign Score Attack
- 1 new arena map
- 1 new warzone map
- 1 new warzone assault map
- 1 new forge canvas
- New bosses, including the Grunt Goblin
- New reqs, including the UNSC wasp vehicle and the Halo 2 Beam Rifle
- Req items available in forge
- 5 new campaign score attack achievements
- 3 new warzone firefight achievements

>Official Warzone Firefight reveal trailer:

>Important Halo Links, Notes etc.

>Latest Halo Community Update

>Spartan Companies:

>Looking for custom games/campaign co-op players/matchmaking squad
Watch the threads for occasional party squads

>Xbox One clips and screenshots

>The third /hg/tage is out!

>Canon Halo Works!OFFSkSrb!6P9FqreveGbbwh_No1qHZA

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