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Pokemon go general pgg

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Why Do I Always Have To Make The Threads edition

>About the game

>What is it?
Pokemon Go can be described simply as the Geocaching of Pokemon. Grab your smartphone, get some exercise, catch some mons, battle some people - the usual Pokemon gig.

>Some questions answered
Feel free to add more to the pastebin, keep it in the OP though.

Basic info:
As you traverse the real world, as represented on the in-game map, you'll occasionally run into tufts of rustling grass. Approaching these will end with a Pokémon appearing on the map, and clicking on it will initiate a battle.

Battles aren't between two Pokémon, though. They're between a Pokémon and your ability to swipe a Poké Ball in their direction. When you engage a Poké Ball, a colored ring will appear around the opponent. These change in size after each capture attempt. Throwing a Ball during a smaller window seems to be more effective, based on our time with the game, but that's a part we're still trying to figure out.
Going near water will attract water Pokémon. Playing at night brings out more nocturnal creatures, like Clefairy and Gastly.
Hatching Eggs: Each Egg displays the number of kilometers you must walk for the Egg to hatch. In general, the more kilometers required, the rarer the Pokémon that will hatch. A notification will appear when the Egg has hatched.
Make sure you have the Pokémon GO app open while you walk. Kilometers walked when the Pokémon GO app is closed won’t count toward hatching your Eggs.
Gyms: Fight at your team's gym to train and increase it's reputation. Fight at other team's to decrease their reputation. Tap your opponent to hit them, swipe left or right to dodge attacks, once one or more blue bars are filled, tap and hold to power up your secondary attack, release when the smaller blue bar fills up. Take over other teams' gyms and put your mons in to defend them.