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Slavs Are Totally Not OP edition.

>FAQs & General Info (Updated November 8th, 2015)

>/twg/ steam groups (MP battles on weekend, co-op anytime)

TWC Mods -
NEW Slavic Nations Culture Pack DLC, release date is Feb 25 - ,
Age of Charlemagne DLC -

NEW Empire Campaign Walkthrough -
Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough -
Twelve Days of Festag -
Regional Occupation -
Technology -
Minor factions -

Don't make any plans on Feb 14, you're going to make war, not love: , the prize is Slavic Nations Culture Pack DLC.

Attila launcher trick:
Open Rome 2 launcher, select Attila on the launcher itself and play. Can help FPS increase by 1-25 frames. Because Attila is a unoptimised piece of crap.

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