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/nepgen/ - Neptunia General 1484

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Hyperdimension Neptunia Downloads
(Skins, Artbooks, Manga, Guides, Soundtracks, etc.):
- New folder containing all the 4koma and Nepnokai raws!shkAGDaK!-X8nObRihU5EqP5Zx8yVMA

New Neptunia title in the works. Promises to 'surpass expectations':

MegaMiracle Force, new CH mobage to drop in January 2019:

IF has been added to the CH app

>Super Nep's Super News
Super Neptunia RPG out now in Japan and comes to the west in Spring 2019:

4GO and VIIR have come to Steam!

4GO Drop List
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/dng/ Dueling Network General #3088

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Cyberse Coin Edition

Previous Thread: >>241491146

? YGOPro is an automated simulator.
YGOPro Percy Discord (will always contain latest download links):

Useful Links:
>Current Official Rulebook:
>Wiki with a wealth of information for the players:
>Hypergeometric Probability Calculator:
>Yu-Gi-Oh! stock market:

>OCG decklists:

>TCG decklists:

>TCG/OCG news sites:

Upcoming Sets:
?OCG: 20th Anniversary Legend Collection (February 9th)
?OCG: Infinity Chasers (February 23rd)
?OCG: Premium Pack 2019 (March 9th)
?OCG: Structure Deck 2019 (March 23rd)
?OCG: Rising Rampage (April 13th)

?TCG: Savage Strike (February 1st)
?TCG: Structure Deck: Soulburner (February 15th)
?TCG: Infinity Chasers (March 22nd)
?TCG: Duel Power (April 5th)

Please Advise:
?Carefully read the cards.
?CaC is not allowed.
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/dbfzg/ - Dragon Ball FighterZ General

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/sthg/ - Sonic the Hedgehog Generals

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Tails may need
*crunch *crunch
Medical attention
*smacks lips
* crunch crunch

>Sonic News<
Sonic Mania Adventures Papercraft Short

Team Eggman announced for TSR

Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 6 Holiday Special [Embed] [Open]

Sonic Annual coming in March, includes a cover by Uekawa

Official Sonic Movie Poster(s)

>General Interest Links<
General Link Compilation

/sthg/'s Refurbished Drawfag Booru

Event/Video Streaming Site
https://cytu/be/r/sthg (replace / between u and b with a dot)
(Obscure romantic movie and 30 previews stream airing on 2/14 at 7:30 PM EST)

*crunch *crunch
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/pg/ - Persona General

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>P5R announced, details coming in March
>Persona 5 the Animation “Stars and Ours” Episode OVA broadcast in March
>New Persona domains registered
>PERSONA SUPER LIVE airing on April 24-25, 2019
>Joker is a DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

>P5R teaser (with sub)
>Persona 5's SSBs announcement trailer

>Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight: (ENG)
>Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight: (ENG)
>Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night: (JAP)
>Persona 5: Dancing Star Night: (JAP)
>Persona 5: The Animation:
>Persona Q2:
>Atlus' online shop:

>General Guide
>PQ Guide
>P4U2 Guide/Resources

>Art, Guides, Music, etc.!91FDmD6S!miYzqfafqN9LX9peJ_zkFA!3ChFRSqQ!E-Pbdy3LAMTLR81-P-B5Dg
>Persona 5 Resources
>Persona Image Collection
>Persona Concerts - 2008 to 2017
>P3D OST!C3xS1YbJ!6Zoi1USgn7_jul9B7uvERC_XyfVuqjx7WG5MdxzrQBQ
>P5D OST!WuA3zIKQ!rkIDfxpqslAFY7E-hxymXRaeB1R7kSZ7EHBXQNMlAvc

>P4 Dengeki Comic Anthology

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/drag/ - Dragalia Lost General

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What's Ahead for Dragalia Lost, Part 2

1/15 - 1/25: Dream Big Under the Big Top
1/15 - 1/31: Circus of Dreams Summon Showcase

>FAQ for beginners, reroll guide, etc.

>Helpful links, databases, APK download

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/wtg/ - War Thunder General

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Berlin Wall Edition

Previous thread: >>241439679

>Official Site:
NOTE: You get given a premium aircraft for your first victory in game!
Need a faster download? Switch Language in Launcher.

>Wiki with Release Trees and General Tactics:

>Fan created skins, missions, locations, fictions etc... (Warning! Pure weeb pedophilia and horsefucker autism abound)

>Ammo racks and how many shells you should take out

>Ammunition Types

>All the Air RB/SB maneuvers you would want to know + Engine thingamabobs:

>Youtube Channel with Tutorials and Gameplay Videos

>Chart displaying weapon effectiveness against ground units

>Dank Bants to Spam in Chat for Salt

?p?? ?p??a??e??? ??pa??e
>Crimea belongs to Ukraine

>Nanking was not raped

Pocc?? - ?py??e???? ? ??pe ?ycop
>Russia - The world's largest trash can

?????? ?????
>Chinese people are not people they are animals

8 de julho de 2014 7:1 massacre da copa do mundo
>July 8th World Cup massacre

??????? The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 ?????? The Tiananmen Square Massacre
????? The Anti-Rightist Struggle ????? The Great Leap Forward

REMEMBER: Spam reports on all D*scord shitposts, barneyfags, furfags, weeaboo pedophiles and kiketube spammers. Spam reports for Illegal on all misha and nazinigger cancerposts. Be the chemo /wtg/ needs.
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/ink/ - Splatoon General

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Previous Thread: >>241407701

Redirect to current thread:
Splatoon 2 Map Schedules:

• Frostyfest Splatfest is over, Team Friends wins 2-1!
• 4.3.1 Update is officially out, check the patch notes to see if your favorite weapon got buffed or deservedly nerfed.
• Off The Hook to hold first solo live concert at Niconico Tokaigi 2019!
• Splatoon Koshien 2019 fan book coming soon, exclusive Japanese gear included


>Patch notes

>Gear and weapon lists

>Summary of MPU effects

>SplatNet gear list

>Loadout planner with weapons, gear, abilities, and stat calculations

>Weapon info

>League and Rank X weapon usage data

>New Tourney Info
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/tg/ - Terraria General

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Minecraft Edition

>Mod List - Summaries of the most recommended/popular mods

>Terraria Servers

>For new players getting started



>Block list, furniture themes, and paint

>Fancy builds!bBhX0QzY!DaLnBdlZzVM7QOMKDpiCZM2GUaH0SQFDhe-RMNBWeWs

>Texture replacements

>Inventory editors, world generators, trainers, and more

>TerraMap - Map viewer

>TEdit - World viewer/editor

>TShock - Server client

>Soundtrack DL

>Wave Banks - Music replacement

>OP pasta. Please use the info from this link when creating new threads.

additional pastebins:

Didn't see the Creeper
He was destroyed!
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/codg/ - Call of Duty General

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