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Etrian Odyssey General

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Everything Etrian Odyssey (References, Music, Art Books, etc.)

>Etrian Odyssey Nexus / X US Nexus Guild QR Codes EU Guild QR Codes JP Guild QR Codes

>Etrian Odyssey NEXT STAGE

>Etrian Odyssey Nexus / X resources
>Nexus portrait mod guide
>Nexus skill description fix/skill name mod!F1swgCJS!a2Uifa3iDTlqQenrsizQAw
>Nexus balance patch mod!o1cXTSpB!SW5Ad-o8_pKYOa9LcbyiSg

>Recommended dungeon crawler titles

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/coxg/ City of Heroes General #82

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"Glory to Arachnos" edition

>What is City of Heroes?
A MMORPG based on Superheroes and Villains. It was taken down back in 2012. Now it's back online for everyone to play.

>Is there new content to play?
Victory server wins the race and just published a new Vigilante arc that is all about killing an asshole.

>What's the difference between v2 i1 and i25? What's v2 i2?
Issue 25 (i25), is Leandro's custom issue with proliferated concept ideas of SCoRE and Paragon developer plans.The former, Volume 2 Issue 1 (v2 i1), is the last utterance of live servers that have been through refinement and completion of initial Issue 24 development unassociated with SCoRE and is free from further tampering or additions, with later updates such as v2 i2+ bringing custom content similarly as i25+.

>Full Server List

>/coxg/ Server

>Cream Soda Launcher

>Server Version Information
i25 Details -
v2 i1 Details -

>Game Information Resources

>Who is Leandro/Leo? Why should I care?

>Remove the waveform form from Sonic Dispersion bubble for a staticy bubble instead.

>Makes some real annoying sounds silent (MM pets, quillsplosion, PB whine, more)

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/e7g/ - Epic Seven General #543

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>I have a question!

>Simulators and resources

Side Story - Heavy Lies the Crown: 7/17 ~ 7/31
Tamarinne’s Rising Star Event: 7/11 ~ 7/25

>Increased Rates
Charlotte Drop Rate Up: 7/17 ~ 7/24

>7/17 Patch Notes


>/e7g/ Guilds:
Pantsu, Ded, Partyvan, Lucklets, Soft, Rage, Netorare, Leazas, Latelets, Banshee(Asia), Imagine(EU), Netori(NEW!)
Include /e7g/ in your greeting when applying

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/fg/ - Falcom General #529

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Sharon cute edition

Falcom Games
>Mods, saves, prepatched translations

Upcoming Releases


>Latest news
>Interview with Kondo about Switch support
>First details of new Kiseki game, screenshots
>First 26 minutes of English gameplay for Cold Steel 3
>NISA stream with Kondo
>New Ys IX PV
>Ys 9 characters details and new Web CM

>CS3 Release Date
NA: 9/24
EU: 9/27
Aus/NZ: 10/4
>New CS3 trailer

Pastebin (aka music):
Extra Stuff (Guides, downloads, undub patches):

>Sen3 by Kitsune
>Sen4 by Kistune (Translated bonds & extras)

>Sorcerian complete edition!49ZV1QLD!EawBdJXGQaYw6pbkRmCd_D-GNMEpiSYyqBJefUOU-MU
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/bdog/ Black Desert Online Remastered, The MMORPG General

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>What is BDO
Black Desert Online is an Korean MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss. It features non-tab targeted action combat, rng upgrade mechanics, zerg pvp, infinite grinding and a sudo sandbox experience.

>Black Desert Online - Shai Trailer

>Black Desert Online - Blackstar Trailer

>Great Sea Expansion (New ships, new islands, new gear, new sailing mechanics and ship crews)

Heidal ball update and developer nots:

>Latest NA/EU Patch Notes
>Latest KR News

>/BDOG/ Discord

>Useful Links, Guides, Guilds & Info
Old pastebin: (embed) (embed)
Updated pastebin: (embed) (embed)

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fookies is the cutest valk
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/pfkmg/ - Pathfinder: Kingmaker General

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/gfg/ - Girls' Frontline General

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Bind your account to a Sunborn ID instead of logging in from Facebook/Google.

Beginner's FAQ - *READ THIS AND CHECK THE RESOURCES PASTEBIN before asking questions*

Resources & Friends List -
Build Timers -
Basic Tips -
Equipment Guide -


Use 522/320/404/137 in doll construction, restart the game

>EVENTS (Global)
[Current] Cube+ | July 2 - July 29
[Current] Beach Side Operation July 16 - August 5
[Upcoming] VA-11 Hall-A Collab | August


[Upcoming] VA-11 Hall-A Collab | September
[Upcoming] JP anniversary July 31

Reminder to report SEAniggers, shitposters, pornposters, threadwar fags, blogposters, off-topic posters, and especially yuriniggers, don't spoonfeed, bully brainlets, and lurk two months before posting.
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/wowg/ World of Warcraft General

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/sthg/ - Sonic the Hedgehog General

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Welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog General. Here we discuss all things Sonic!

/sthg/ #2084 - "Sonic comics are getting actual merch!" Edition

>Sonic News<

Tangle & Whisper Pins now available

SDCC Exclusive Tangle & Whisper 1 Variant is out this week at the con. Also, Evan Stanley will speak at SDCC IDW Kids panel on the 21st at 10:30 AM Pacific

Beta Patch for TSR out

Tim Miller has seen new Movie design, says fans will be pleased

Sonic Legacy #3 is out

Sonic Universe #95 Restoration is out

TSR Overdrive Papercraft Short

Iizuka wants a "new challenge" for Sonic's 30th

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 E3 Reveal Trailer

Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 coming Spring 2020 to mobile

Sonic movie delayed to Valentine's Day to "fix the design," according to director

TSR Overdrive Complete

>General Interest Links<
General Link Compilation

/sthg/ Booru

/sthg/ Cytube
https://cytu/be/r/sthg (replace / between u and b with a dot)

IDW Comics!65oBCaoQ!8lkn8JebzaZensDJbLxDeg

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/palg/ - Paladins General

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The Urge Edition~

NOTE: You will be playing against bots in casual queue until you reach account level 5.

>Reveal Trailer (Io, The Shattered Goddess):

>Patch Notes (2.06)


>Paladins Wiki

>Account Statistics

>Last Thread
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