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/civ4xg/ - Endless, Stellaris, Civilization, and 4X

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AOW: Planetfall

>Official and Unofficial Wiki
>Community Hub
>Planets Stats
>Ships Stats
>Horatio splicing guide

>Dev Diary #130
>Pastebin(mostly outdated):

>EL Community Patch

>Civ IV XML fix
>Civilization Analyst (Civ VI, Civ V, BE):
>Civ V Giant Multiplayer Robot:
>Civ 5 Mods
>Civ 5 More Mods
>Civ 5 Drafter
>District Cheat Sheet:

>Essential improvements:'s_Alpha_Centauri#Essential_improvements

>MoO 2

Star Ruler 2
>Compiled Open Source release with music:

/rtsg/ /cbg/
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/poeg/ - Path of Exile General

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I don't have any poe images but none of you cunts want to make a thread Edition

>Patch 3.4: League (Ends December 4th)
>Patch 3.4: Patch Notes
>Patch 3.4: Rewards [Embed]
>Useful Links
>Upcoming Announcements:
>Ingame Chat
/global 1488

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/soul/ - SoulCalibur General

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/rsg/ - Runescape General

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Official World: 42
Official FC: "grindanfc"
Clan: GrindanScape (For an invite, go into the FC and ask for one. Requirements: 1500 total, Membership, at least one week active play)

>/rsg/ Guides Imgur Album

>Beastmaster Durzag indepth guide

>I've been inactive since the First Age, what did I miss?

>Latest Patch Notes

>Latest Update

>Month Ahead: November

>RuneScape Winter Reveals (RuneFest 2018)
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/ss13g/ - spessmen on a spess station

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Last Thread: >>233758969

Last time on /ss13g/ - spessmen on a spess station:
>join up for fun
>join up for dead
>join up for you

>What is Space Station 13?

>New player guide

>BYOND client

>Pomf Serbian, main /vg/station server

>Test server

>Public server list

>How do I connect to the servers?
Hit the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the BYOND hub and pick "Open Location"

Try 512! 512.1426 at least SHOULD be functional
If that doesn't work, downgrade your BYOND version to

>/vg/station forum and logs + Discord circlejerk

>Map renders collection: updated sometimes

>Coderbus, here!
@rizon #coderbus @rizon #vgstation

>Cryo Autism

>Round Stats

>SS13 booru for all your SS13 images!

>How To Install BYOND: The Video Tutorial: The Movie


>OP Pastebin
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/codg/ - Call of Duty General

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/tesg/ The Elder Scrolls General

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>Special Edition or Legendary Edition?
Most of the important mods are in SE now, and you can convert ones that don't use dlls (see guide). Main Differences: no 32bit bottleneck, increased stability for people who are squeamish about modding and you have to use ECE instead of Racemenu which is still in alpha. Obscure and old mods are likely unconverted and LE is still the go-to for a really heavy character model-modding and graphics overhaul. Never pay money for the same game twice though.

Check the tesgeneral Special Edition pages for more info.

>Mods, modding GUIDES, and FAQs
>Found a problem or have a suggestion? Use the "Contact" button at the top right of the site!

>/tesg/'s characters
>/tesg/ stories
>/tesg/ social
>Lore and Lore Accessories

>/tesg/'s sister threads:
>>>/vg/tesog/ - Elder Scrolls Online General
>>>/tg/tgesg/ - /tg/'s Weekend Lore General
>>>/aco/teslg/ - NSFW Thread

Elder Thread :>>233912430

/tesg/ OP , If it's not like this one report it and make a proper one.
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/alg/ - Azur Lane General #601

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>Ongoing Event
Fallen Wings (Oct 25/26 - Nov 14/15 EOD):
1) Limited construction: Washington, Minneapolis, Colorado, Maryland, Kalk.
2) Map drops: North Carolina, West Virginia, Wasp.
3) Point gacha: Wasp, Hobby, North Carolina.
4) B3/D3 3-star reward: West Virginia.
5) Skins: Minneapolis, Kalk, Hobby.

Mischievous Halloween (Oct 30th - Nov 14th EOD)
1) Skins: Nelson, Isuzu, Terror, Cleveland, Ayanami, Kagerou, Shouhou
2) Limited dorm set "Ghostly Witch House"
3) Bailey skin: complete "Tricky Bailey" quest

UI update and Utawarerumono collab soon. Atago swimsuit live2D on next patch.
[EN]Halloween cage, Chapter 9, Ayanami Retrofit, Illustrious, Inazuma, Ikazuchi Tea Party Skin on the 15th Nov.
USS Concord announced.

Make a bind code or link the game to a twitter account if you're playing on JP/EN or you might lose your account when the game updates.
/alg/ doesn't have its own discord or guild.



>English wiki

>Chinese wiki

>Japanese wiki

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/drg/ Danganronpa General

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Previous thread >>233749873
Don't forget to use spoiler tags (Ctrl+S)!

>/drg/ OP pastebin (just copy it and paste previous thread link)

>Danganronpa News, Interviews and Articles Updated: 10/08/18 Famitsu Article for Death March Club on October 3rd, 2018

>Danganronpa Guides Spoiler free guide *MUST READ IF YOU ARE NEW* In-depth gameplay mechanics and information V3 TALENT DEVELOPMENT PLAN/MONOKUMA'S TRIAL GUIDE <-contains spoilers

>Danganronpa 1&2!/en-us/games/danganronpa-1%e2%80%a22-reload/cid=UP1063-CUSA06808_00-DANGANRONPARLDUS

>Danganronpa AE: Ultra Despair Girls:!/en-us/games/danganronpa-another-episode-ultra-despair-girls/cid=UP1063-CUSA07293_00-ZETTAIZETUBOUPS4

>Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony:!/en-us/games/danganronpa-v3-killing-harmony/cid=UP1063-CUSA08537_00-DANGANV3PS400000

>Download pastebin *contains DOWNLOADS "wink", art assets, sprites, manga, novels, music, anime, media, charts, and icons.* *Download links have been provided let us know if you have any of the missing files*

>Danganronpa fan works pastebin *contains links to fanart, fan-fiction, and dr-related artists*

>/drg/ Creative resource *Contains links to art tutorials, writing, learning material, free software, modding tools/guides and /drg/ related projects.
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/ssbg/ - Super Smash Brothers General

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Fighters Pass (5 DLC Characters + Stage + Music Tracks) available for 25$ on Dec. 7
Register the game at My Nintendo by Jan. 31 to get Piranha Plant for free.

Latest news
Incineroar (69), Piranha Plant (70)(DLC), and Ken (60?), announced in 11/1/2018 Direct!

>Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Coming December 7th, 2018
All fighters are returning!
Japan Time, every weekday:

Unofficial Official /ssbg/ discord:

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