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/dcg/ - Destiny Child General

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? Labyrinth Explorer ~ March 31st
? Devil Rumble 50% more Crystal ~ Mar 17th
? Pop Quiz ~ March 17th

? 50% more Rebirth Coin ~ Mar 28th
? Rebirth Challenge ~ Mar 28th
? Pickup Summon - Info Broker Brownie ~ Mar 28th
? Pickup Summon - Elizabeth, Myrina, Aria, Rusalka, Epona, and Chang'e ~ Mar 21st

>Beginner Reroll Guide

>Tiers & Other
Global Tierlist:
JP Database:
XP&Stage Calculator:

[Possible] Future Event Dates:
Live 2D Models:

>Gameplay guides
Global beginner guide:
Team building basics:
Buff types:




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/sog/ - Star Ocean General S.D. 113

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/sog/ - A general for all things Star Ocean.

>Series info/what version to play:
>Star Ocean Wiki (for all related media):

Latest game:
>Star Ocean Anamnesis
>Official Site:
>Tier List and Unit Data (JP):
>Global Tier List:
>List of Banners (JP and Global):
>General FAQ:

Current GL Events:
>Lucifer's Descent (March 26 - April 9)

Current Reruns:
>Defeat Michael (March 15 - March 29)
>Planet of the Deep Blue Sea (March 19 - April 2)
>The Broken Ruler and Captive Queen (March 19 - April 2)
>Executioner Attacks (March 22 - April 5)

Newest Summon Campaign
>OG Precis
>OG Verda

Update roadmaps:

JP SOA Links:
>Official JP Site:
>JP Wiki:
>SOA manga:

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/bdg/ - Brown Dust General

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/hg/ - Halo General

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#529 - Custom Edition Server Soon Edition

>general /hg/ information
community spreadsheet (Under Revision - will be available soon)
Steam Group:
Latest Halo Community Update (3/21):
Important Halo Links and Notes
Xbox One clips and screenshots

>In the meantime, install Halo Custom Edition
Step 1 - Download Halo: Combat Evolved
Step 2 - Download Custom Edition Patch
Use the serial key mcxmm-y29c6-dr36c-b6w4t-t9p73, finish installation. Unzip patch and run the exe in administrator mode.
When searching for a server, make sure you press refresh first, as it doesn't automatically bring up a list when you enter multiplayer.

Full MCC on PC/Reach AMA Questions
Signups for the Halo: Reach MCC insider program for early testing are live.
Halo MCC coming to PC via Windows 10 store and Steam. Reach is also being added to MCC and will be the first game from the collection included.

For those that keep asking, no, you don't need to pay for Xbox Live to play the MCC on PC. You will just need to link a free Microsoft Account.
Reminder to report all discord posts. Keep that shit outa here.

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/mcg/ - Minecraft General

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We discuss Minecraft, modpacks, projects, build ideas, etc.
Share server stories and keep the screenshots coming, we want to see builds!
If you develop mods or anything Minecraft related, keep us updated for feedback.

? 2. NEWS

>[13 Feb 2019]19w07a released. Foxes. Wow.
>[12 Jan 2019] 19w02a released. Lecterns, cartography tables and Campfires added in Vanilla ->
>[!] Performance problems in 1.10+: use foamfix+Optifine (turn off terrain animation)


>Modding Tools & documentation:

>/mcg/ FAQ

>Server list (don't spam your server or discord here, use the list from the link below to advertise it)

>/mcg/ mods/modpacks

>Ideas & Inspiration

>Cracked MultiMC (stop asking in the thread and just use this)

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nintendo direct in april

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the presentation will take place mid-April around the 20th
- Beginning with a trailer of Pikmin 4, quick presentation of the developers and announcement of an exit at the beginning of the year 2020.
- Some games for the switch including a new Taiko No Tatsujin for this summer
- presentation of a dlc for Super Mario Party
- arrival of Snes games for the online switch
- Break with long presentation of Super Mario Maker 2
- recovery with other games including Apex Legends and Sea of thieves
- Announcement of the new Joker date smash update
- arrival of Reggie
Reggie presents Animal Crossing for September
- Reggie says thank you
- Reggie says goodbye
- Reggie is leaving
- Doug is coming
- Doug announces a real Zelda game for 2020
- Doug goes away
- end
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/fgoalter/ - Fate/Grand Order NA General

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bump limit
This mans' YouTube will save League of Legends edition

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/ink/ - Splatoon General

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Splatoon 2 Map Schedules:

• March Splatfest: Wizards defeat Knights 2-1
• 4.5.1 is out, patch notes below.
• Splatoon 2 News Channel is giving out free drink tickets and chunks, check your feed right now!
• Sheldon's Picks are returning:
• Free Trial Version of Splatoon 2 Available from 3/19 to 3/25:

>Patch notes

>Splatoon 2 Tourney Info

>Gear and weapon lists

>Weapon info

>SplatNet gear list

>League and Rank X weapon usage data
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cgg/ - Cuhrayzee Games General

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Im a Parry King now edition


Going off of Concurrent Steam Player Peaks, DMC5 is Capcom's 2nd-largest PC launch ever
Free Bloody Palace update coming to DMC5 on April 1st
Astral Chain is releasing August 30th

Parry guide by Anon (DMC5)

CUHRAYZEE THREAD FAQ (DEAD LINK, consider this a placeholder)





Do you want to play DMC3 in HD? Do you want to play it without having to fire up xPadder every time you start? Would you like to play with all of the styles at once, like in DMC4? Well this is the mod for you! Get it here:

An easy installation was made very recently by an anon for the PC port!0YIEyahb!3ekw_QxbeyXT57D9QZvMIWlaw35F9h_OePhvhxvgR08 (dead, needs to be replaced)

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