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/rs07/vsg/ - /v/scape general

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one day to go edition
>>> What is /v/scape? <<<
/v/scape is an authentic 2007 Runescape Private Server started on 4chan's /v/.

>>> Features <<<
Over 171 Quest Points available, quests are fully scripted and working
Pest Control, Barrows, Clue scrolls, Fight Caves and much more
2.25xp rate - The fun and exciting grind remains, just a little faster
No so-called "Old School" content - experience the game as it was in 2007
No Grand Exchange
All members content is free. No donator benefits
Dedicated server hosting, server is stable with good uptime

>>> Main Website <<< - For highscores, a world map, the bug tracker, and the dev blog.

>>> Download <<<
( Java 8 Is required )
Launcher | auto-updater

>>> Getting Started <<<
To create an account, type in your desired username and password. If this does not work, it means the username is taken.
If you might be experiencing a different issue, please see:
For a beginner's guide, please see:

>>> Wikis <<< for server specific information, which includes coordinate clues, quest guides, a FAQ page and more.
For more general information, use
Remember to try to find your answer online before asking for help.

>>> Steam Group <<< - For downloading the latest client version, or hanging out in the group chat.

>>> Pastebin for OP <<<

>>> Staff <<<
Odel (!!Ma7uJItz9cg)
Pickles (!pikolGod2A)
Bobster (!Zse4f8H3iE)
Latent (!mentospepe)
Drbitterness (!TvmTsV0Bfrt)
Benny (!!zaXwpbrAG8k)
Saxi (!!rWnL0KbLvSp)
NAND (!!16YFHxniQuy)

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/mggg/ - Monster Girl Games General #308

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Archangel Disdain edition

Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2 was released on June 23rd 2017 and is currently on patch 2.23.
Part 3 has been confirmed as being bigger than part 1 and part 2.
Monster Girl Gamu is never coming out and thus is not a game.
First info on Part 3 is out. More to come next month.

Recent Game Releases: RJ233706, RJ217212, RJ227208, RJ237469, RJ230551,

Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2 download:
2.23 (you can get the partial english patch from Dargoth's bitbucket or the prepatched from the collection)!QQ53lZKR!RmwWkDbEX2OtfnQP-7tZWpEm5YefGRQDd5ABNzkZNb4

Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2 Guide -
MGQ Japanese wiki:
ToroToro Resistance's blog:

Monster Girl Quest (MGQ):
Monster Girl Island (3D game):
SHRIFT Pacifist Guide:
Zell’s game Forest of Blue Skin:
Quest Failed:
Bitbucket translation patching guide:
Monster Girl Games Collection:!pIplwJjb!Mh1pg3KiddYb9X3GEByjuQ

Before you ask, as of November 15, 2018 Paradox Part 2 translation is up to Post-Invasions (Roughly 70% of Part 2).

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/arena/ - Arena FPS General

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A place to watch all of your favorite old-school and modern arena shooters such as Quake Live, Quake Champions, Unreal Tournament, Reflex, etc. die

Setting up Q1 properly (now with instructions on how to enable the OST + links to the CD music for all mission packs):

The same, but for Q2. (now with instructions on how to enable the OST + links to the CD music for all mission packs):

>Free games
>Tutorials [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>List of /arena/ fags willing to play QC

>Stat tracking for QC

>Open Arena Live

New update, same disappointments
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/haniho/ - Alicesoft/Rance General

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Alicesoft/Rance General #927

Last Thread: >>247396152

Divegrass Edition

Previous Version of FAQ:
Read the FAQ before you ask questions.
Suggested Changes:

>Useful Links
Alicesoft Image Booru:
Rance Game Translation Chart:
Rance World Notes (Translated):!nRESUJYZ!ZqoypfshkozVBFpeFGI3Oi5xBtU22SjnrnfjIo2SUGY

Check pastebin for FAQs, downloads and General Hints!

>Recently Released
Steve[Monster] SR Mod -!UIwGHChS!1Ye7hmw4B4swuFUu5v0rcxHUP1jG9REe-x7BEX964Uk
DARKNESSHERO SR Rance Mod -!VloWzD6B!trEkYLMKASDXIYsGdLa8jw (hiatus, use Steve's instead)
DHR-Steve mod -!EFYHGAzD!ER9eJTr9V4-ShEKv9LeTUS2Zbo3trzrvWspIQgJiFMw
Website -

>Evenicle English!to0SCSJT!2OfjS2wRmf99TqNf3pdb6HcneADyMHPfSANCAjuP0xs or

>Rance X
Hook Code

>Evenicle 2
Hook Code
/HS14:-4@5B34C0 or /HS1C*0:-18@5B34C5

>Upcoming Games
Sengoku Rance (English) - Hopefully 2019
Officially in Beta.
Beat Angel Escalayer (English)
Rance Quest Magnum (English) - some point after Sengoku
Rance IX (English) - some point after magnum
Rance X (English) - some point after IX (24%)

Dohna Dohna - by the Rance 03 Team (New IP)
Haha Ranman - April 26
Heartwarming' VN - by the Atlach Nacha writer

Haniwa Development Studio:
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Love Live! School Idol Festival General /llsifg/ #2099: Cute goddess edition!

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/ssdtg/ - Sekiro General

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There Is No Need To Be Upset EDITION

FPS unlocker
>Lady butterfly cheese

PREVIOUS THREAD: >>248155440
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/smtg/ - ?????? / Shin Megami Tensei General

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>Last Bible 1 fan translation for the Game Gear is completed:
>Majin Tensei II fan translation is now complete and available to download:
>Shin Megami Tensei If... fan translation patch version 1.00 is released:

>SMTI interview from 1992, recently translated:

Upcoming Games:
>Shin Megami Tensei V - TBA [Embed]
>Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth - June 4, 2019 [Embed]

>Starter Guide:
>Games' Tips and Tricks:
>Art books, Soundtracks, Manuals, and More:
>Fan Translations, Patches, Games, etc.:
>Scripts, Sounds, and other Resources:
>Recommended Reading:


>Liberation Dx2:
Factions - /smtg/, dx2g, Aragami Assembly
Resources -

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Tree of Savior General - /tosg/

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last >>247329079

Re:Build is HERE!
Patch notes:
>Re:Build additional info

>Previous big update
Guild Territorial Wars:

>Upcoming updates and content
New optimization patch:
HG 390:
TOS Magazine 3rd issue:
News from the korean server:
>Latest Patch Notes

>Addon Manager

>Database, skill planner and other stuff
Popular builds:

Useful guides:
>Extra Stat Points
>Hidden/R8 classes unlocking guides and suggested maps for lvling up
>Guides for new and returning players

>Servers (the best one is the closest to your location, type "//ping" to check your latency ingame)
Klaipeda(NA) Fedimian(EU) Silute(SA) Telsiai(SEA)

>/tosg/ Guilds
If you wanna join, send a whisper to the guild leader or apply via Guild Recruitment Board!

cute (Merigolds/Majiene)
Futureproof (ApplyAFineHorse3)

CoffeeHouse (Capyba/Cloves)

Comfy (neshoi)
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/dqg/ - Dragon Quest General

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Welcome to the Dragon Quest General! Everything related to the Dragon Quest series or known as Dragon Warrior is discussed here.

Stupid Sexy Priestess Edition
Last Thread: >>246855091

>Dragon Quest News:
-Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age S – Definitive Edition has been confirmed for this Fall. New features announced were 2D mode, dual audio, orchestrated music, more costumes, new story scenarios, and a Healslime as a new monster buddy.
-Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been confirmed for release on July 12th
-Dragon Quest Rivals will release for the Switch in Japan
-A Dragon Quest movie is in production.
-A smartphone version of Dragon Quest IX has been announced to be in development. No additional information yet.

Versions to Play/Buy:
Setting up Dragon Quest X:
Setting up Dragon Quest Rivals:
DLC for Dragon Quest IX:
Dragon Quest IX Treasure Map Searcher:



>"Which Dragon Quest should I start with?"
Dragon Quest 3, Dragon Quest 4, Dragon Quest 5, Dragon Quest 8 or Dragon Quest 11 are the most recommended.

>"Can I post screenshots/liveblog?"
Yes! It is highly encouraged! We love seeing anons playing the games. Feel free to share your reactions with us


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/PMMM/ - Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

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Previous Thread: >>247868685

Magireco Anime PV2!
Magia Day Recording!DDhBwToS!f3I2xHeoLork6YKFMdDTQRHtCOMTBU7sbP5xbw36scw

Stage Play Live Stream Recording!rHJnGa5K!y0FzryGUnUJpHSOigIdzTw9BMMsj0fRYhU3OIkW0eGw

The BD of the stage play is also on sale now, you can get at places like Amazon and CDJapan

>Current Events
Main Story Chapter 10 released. Part 4 released on 3/15 16:00 JST and the Final Part on 3/22, 16:00 JST

3/22 to 3/25. Raid event, you need to clear the main story up to Chapter 10 part 4 to participate. Assist players in raid battles to advance in the story of Chapter 10

>Pickup gacha
3/22 16:00 JST - 3/25 14:59 JST
4* Ultimate Madoka (Light - Ultimate Type)


[Get the Game]

[Playing on Android w/o Google PlayStore?]
>Latest Chink APK (1.6.3 EX) (Now with ARM and x86 support)!y2gHFA4B!GmWIKe7M9yLzSadvq5JcTw!ivoxwAKZ


>Friend List
>Add yourself

>Lore Ability and Weapons List (editable by all)
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