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/mbg/ - Mount & Blade General

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Legend of Zendar Edition

(Looted) thread : >>253570282


Playlist with most of the playable demo videos from GC 18 :

Last blog :

OLDER BANNERLORD INFO/VIDEOS: See Pastebin/the sub-forum


M&B Wiki:


>Anon's mods and upstab guide:

New Modules:
>new patch for 1257 AD enhanced edition
>touhou edit by some /jp/sie!rC41ASCZ!lkCtXxlerhOoS6N9ahZ2aXswiTMkKNfXzVLhr-ygpJQ
he edited out native dialouge, some lords equipment and some balancing
>Explorer (Demo)
>Turmoil across the stars (improved star wars conquest)

>"I made a mod recently or updated it. Wat do?"
Link to the OP in your post so that it might be easier to find for the one making the next OP (also for regular people).
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/dcg/ - Destiny Child General

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Still here edition

>Current Events
? Ragna:Break Season 2, Obelisk's Descent starts (May 16 4:00~June 6 4:00 UTC+0)
? Get double summon mileage on Crystal summoning! End Date: May 23rd, 2019 24:00 (UTC+0)
? Reach Horus level 50!
End Date: June 6th 24:00, 2019 UTC+0
? Moa Moa Para-dice ~May 30 4:00 UTC+0
? New summon - Crystal & Blood Gem Soul Carta summon!
? Crystal Pickup Summon - Werewolf and Frej ~June 6 4:00 UTC+0
? Premium Summon x10 FREE ~May 30th
? Crystal Pickup Summon - Pickup of your choice Supporter! Chang'e, Brownie, and Myrina ~May 30th
? Crystal Pickup Summon - Pickup of your choice Debuffer! Moa, Olga, and Lan Fei
~May 30th

>Beginner Reroll Guide

>Tiers & Other
Global Tierlist:
JP Database:
XP&Stage Calculator:

[Possible] Future Event Dates:
Live 2D Models:

>Gameplay guides
Global beginner guide:
Team building basics:
Buff types:
World Boss guide:



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/sg/ - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. General

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REAL Marked One edition

>BugTrap, crash to desktop, freeze/lockup? Find your crash log stalker.
Check your Documents or game install directories for the xray_[your name].log file. If you can't find it, look in the location specified at the top of fsgame.ltx. Copy the last few lines from the log and paste them here if you want any help.

>Quickstart Guide
>Mod Guide
>Miscellaneous Guide
>Start guide, beginner tips, and much much more
>HUD guide, modding basics, mod reviews, and AMK mod guide
>Why Complete is bad and you shouldn't play it
>Performance Guides, Steam settings
>Common misconceptions about Shadow of Chernobyl game mechanics
>The Zone Manual: Every Mod You'll Ever Need for the True Ukrainian Experience
>Pasta summaries, streamer listing and more
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/opgg/ - One Piece Games General

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/xivg/ - Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood General

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/hbg/ - Homebrew General

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Fuck the trannies edition
Last thread: >>254056746

3DS: all
Switch: all old units (7.0.1 for warmboot and newer units)
Wii U: 5.5.3 (latest)
Vita: 3.70 (latest)
PS4: 5.05
PS3: 4.84 (CFW only for older models)

Learn Reverse Engineering:
post setup:
post setup:
Other consoles:

[12 May] PS4HEN 2.1.1

[22 May] Kosmos 12.2 released
[22 May] Atmosphere 0.8.10 released
[18 May] /hbg/Shop 1.60 released
[9 May] Emuiibo v2 released
[3 May] SX 2.7.1 beta released
[28 Apr] Kosmos 12.1.2 released
[27 Apr] NEW ~ Switch extras, helpful links, new stuff, check here before posting

[6 May] Trinity released for 3.69/3.70

[18 May] PS3HEN 2.1.0

>Read the OP and follow the guides before asking questions, look things up on Google, GBAtemp and older /hbg/ threads
>Freeshop (for 3DS) will not come back, no workaround
>Only way to download Switch games from CDN is with a 24 hour cert
>This general is not affiliated with the /hbg/ discord or subreddit, they just stole the name and gif
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/khg/ - Kingdom Hearts General

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Exists to ruin your day edition

New to the Series?
Quick Start:

Catch up, quick!
KINGDOM HEARTS HD I.5 + II.5 ReMIX is available now on PlayStation 4 (both available separately on PlayStation 3)
KINGDOM HEARTS HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue is available now on PlayStation 4
KINGDOM HEARTS The Story So Far (All HD Collections in one) is available now on PlayStation 4
KINGDOM HEARTS III is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

KHIII Press Site:


KINGDOM HEARTS III - Secret Ending (Major Spoilers):

KINGDOM HEARTS III - Epilogue (Major Spoilers):

Face My Fears (Opening Theme):

Don't Think Twice (Ending Theme):

Catch up to Kingdom Hearts News here:

>Lore Resources

KINGDOM HEARTS Union ?[Cross] available on Android and iOS
>GLOBAL Updates
>JP Updates
>General News+Updates

>Quick Help Guide [heavily depreciated]
>Damage Calculator

Previous Thread: >>254245918
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/wowcg/ - World of Warcraft Classic General

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Discord trannies mass reporting OPs which don't feature their dumb reddit discords edition

>What is WoW Classic
Official Blizzard servers for WoW 1.12 aka Vanilla

>Content Release Plan
>Phase 1 (Classic Launch)
Molten Core

>Phase 2
Dire Maul

>Phase 3
Blackwing Lair
Darkmoon Faire
Darkmoon deck drops begin

>Phase 4
Green Dragons

>Phase 5
Ahn’Qiraj War Effort begins
Ahn’Qiraj raids open when the war effort dictates
Dungeon loot reconfiguration: Tier 0.5 Dungeon gear, Relics, drop rates and location changes
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Etrian Odyssey General

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Everything Etrian Odyssey (References, Music, Art Books, etc.)

>Etrian Odyssey Nexus / X US Nexus Guild QR Codes EU Guild QR Codes JP Guild QR Codes

>Etrian Odyssey NEXT STAGE

>Etrian Odyssey Nexus / X resources
>Nexus portrait mod guide
>Nexus skill description fix/skill name mod!F1swgCJS!a2Uifa3iDTlqQenrsizQAw
>Nexus balance patch mod!o1cXTSpB!SW5Ad-o8_pKYOa9LcbyiSg

Previous Thread: >>253465127
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/haniho/ - Alicesoft/Rance General

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Alicesoft/Rance General #936

Last Thread: >>253164954

Eternal Heroes Edition

Read the FAQ before you ask questions.

>Useful Links
Alicesoft Image Booru:
Rance Game Translation Chart:
Rance World Notes (Translated):!nRESUJYZ!ZqoypfshkozVBFpeFGI3Oi5xBtU22SjnrnfjIo2SUGY

Check pastebin for FAQs, downloads and General Hints!

>Recently Released
Steve[Monster] SR Mod -!UIwGHChS!1Ye7hmw4B4swuFUu5v0rcxHUP1jG9REe-x7BEX964Uk
DARKNESSHERO SR Rance Mod -!VloWzD6B!trEkYLMKASDXIYsGdLa8jw (hiatus, use Steve's instead)
DHR-Steve mod -!EFYHGAzD!ER9eJTr9V4-ShEKv9LeTUS2Zbo3trzrvWspIQgJiFMw
Website -

>EveRance 1!CEVCQQrY!0M_vqaS4g6g9L0bcV4VIs_bDCMn0rJfUOG05gPAv02o

>Rance X
Hook Code

>Evenicle 2
Hook Code
/HS14:-4@5B34C0 or /HS1C*0:-18@5B34C5

>Haha Ranman
Hook Code:

>Upcoming Games
Sengoku Rance (English) - Hopefully 2019 (Out of Beta)
Beat Angel Escalayer (English)
Rance Quest Magnum (English) - some point after Sengoku
Rance IX (English) - some point after magnum
Rance X (English) - some point after IX (24%)

Dohna Dohna - by the Rance 03 Team (New IP)
Heartwarming' VN - by the Atlach Nacha writer
Beat Gacha

Haniwa Development Studio:
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