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/blg/ - Borderlands General

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/rlg/ - roguelike general

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freshly baked edition

Previous thread: >>259001467

>FAQ (embed)
>What to Play (embed)
>Individual Game Pastas (embed)

>/rlg/ 's guide for Rogue (embed) (embed)

>/rlg/'s DDA tileset


10 Jul 2019 - Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos Alpha V35 -
10 Jul 2019 - One Knight in the Dungeon Alpha 4 -
05 Jul 2019 - Pearls of Wisdom 1.0.0 released -
05 Jul 2019 - Holy Wrath RL v0.3 released -
29 Jun 2019 - Zorbus Release 17 released -
29 Jun 2019 - Another Quest 0.1.2 Released -
26 Jun 2019 - KeeperRL Alpha 28 released -
25 Jun 2019 - I Am Overburdened 1.2.3 released -
25 Apr 2019 - Rogue Empire 1.0.14 Released -
23 Jun 2019 - Steam sky 3.0.13 released -
22 Jun 2019 - Empires of Eradia: The Cataclysm of Chaos Alpha V34 released -
22 Jun 2019 - SadConsole 8.7.0 C# based ASCII Game engine released -

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

Roguelike Servers /(CDDA, Angband, PCB) (Angband and variants, including Frogcomposband) (NetHack and variants)
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/fhg/ - For Honor General

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Rebirth Edition

Alt+F4'd: >>259372914

>2.10.0 - 2.10.4 Patch Notes - 07/10:

>Newest Content 06/28 - Signatures:

>Year 3 - Year of the Harbinger:

Year 3:

>FH Information Hub:

>New Player Guide by Anon:

>Breach Guide by Anon:

>Gear Perk Guide:

>Execution Info:

>Things that have changed since launch:

>Story Mode Collectibles:

>Gear Appearances:

>PVP Stat Tracker:

>Player Barracks:

>Friends List + Sign-up Form:

>OP Pastebin:
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/feg/ - Fire Emblem General

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>Heroes Links and Guides

>Links & Resources

>FE Three Houses
- Releases on July 26, 2019
- Links and Info:

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/palg/ - Paladins General

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The Urge Edition~

NOTE: You will be playing against bots in casual queue until you reach account level 5.

>Reveal Trailer (Io, The Shattered Goddess):

>Patch Notes (2.06)


>Paladins Wiki

>Account Statistics

>Last Thread
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/lozg/ - The Legend of Zelda General

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Darknut Edition

The sequel to Breath of the Wild is now in development.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch coming September 20.

>Art Collection<

>Breath of the Wild - Creating a Champion<!YqZzRCpZ!bUchiw3OaAk7yyNniYVLzv3PL35oXgqEX7xbNSYNjKU

Wind Waker!EFsgSSYI!5jhFz7TOxpKO4JjQItd_X3s1UNpXLKUPew-7FZsfylI

Twilight Princess!tAtVgDTI!ts9xkkXqmRF48GPPlrd5IOMmyaOD9L-LdlKKbcBUOoM

Skyward Sword!QNlTVSaI!GvZ0UcZxSex83rkMK8IRAO5y90ivj5lA5r5eYvZD-Ro

Breath of the Wild!qBRQVA4I!Ve89M50HyqGOBrMXEmSPHLgca_P7s8Vy4-HcURyD-IU

>Old BotW OP<

Previous thread: >>258997330
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/sog/ - Star Ocean General

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Summoner butts

>Series info/what version to play:
>Star Ocean Wiki (for all related media):

Latest game:
>Star Ocean Anamnesis
>Star Ocean: First Departure HD Remake
>Official Site:
>JP Tier List and Unit Data:
>Global Tier List:
>List of Banners (JP and Global):
>General FAQ:
>SOA Wiki (JP and Global):

Updated roadmaps:

JP SOA Links:
>Official JP Site:
>JP Wiki:
>SOA manga:

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/wowcg/ - World of Warcraft Classic General

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Discord Edition

>What is WoW Classic?
Official Blizzard servers for WoW 1.12 aka Vanilla

>Content Release Plan

>Looking for old friends, guildmates?


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/????/ Release The Spyce: Secret Fragrance

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Lily Friends: Lily Friends
>Official site:
>Official Twitter:

>Current Scam:
Summer Yuki until July 17
Mei, Hatsume, and Shin-sama afterwards.
>Current Event:
Natsuzora Sun Sun until July 27

>Character List:

>Game Assets:!sUgjFaIT!yFPKpMkIOOtk1077ySmZdg

Daily order in the game is: Purple - Red - Blue - Green - Yellow - Black - Everything
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/sg/ - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. General

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>BugTrap, crash to desktop, freeze/lockup? Find your crash log stalker.
Check your Documents or game install directories for the xray_[your name].log file. If you can't find it, look in the location specified at the top of fsgame.ltx. Copy the last few lines from the log and paste them here if you want any help.

>Quickstart Guide
>Mod Guide
>Miscellaneous Guide
>Start guide, beginner tips, and much much more
>HUD guide, modding basics, mod reviews, and AMK mod guide
>Why Complete is bad and you shouldn't play it
>Performance Guides, Steam settings
>Common misconceptions about Shadow of Chernobyl game mechanics
>The Zone Manual: Every Mod You'll Ever Need for the True Ukrainian Experience
>Pasta summaries, streamer listing and more
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