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/ggg/ - Guilty Gear General

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Previous Thread: >>241376663

Beginner's Guide:
GG Crash Course:

>Match Videos <-- GGXrd VODs (more frequently updated) <-- GGXrd VODs <-- Joniosan Archives <-- AC+R nicovideo VODs

2.1 Patch Notes:


Matchup Tips Vs I-No/Leo/Zato:

Make lobbies, have fun. When making a lobby, state your region, platform, and how long you plan on keeping it open. Don't play on WiFi.
When searching for public matches in-game, check "player match" for lobbies. World lobby and ranked match will more than likely be dead.
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/scp/ - SCP: Secret Laboratory

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Friday edition

The game is FREE and only 4~ GB to install:

Read this handy FAQ if you're new or are just coming back after some time:

Streamables archive:

A list of our servers and how many people are playing can be found here:


Previous thread: >>240924696
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/ps4g/ - PlayStation 4 General #568

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Previous thread: >>240620456

>Days Gone ‘World Series: The Farewell Wilderness’ trailer; Collector’s Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and pre-order bonuses announced

>The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III coming west this fall

>The Hong Kong Massacre launches January 22

>Susanoh: Japanese Mythology RPG announced for PS4

>Wandersong coming to PS4 on January 22

>Time-bending samurai action slasher Katana ZERO launches for console in March

>EA Vancouver’s Star Wars game cancelled

>First-person stealth game Intruders: Hide and Seek for PS4 launches February 13

>Our World is Ended for PS4 launches March 26 in North America, March 22 in Europe

>PS4 Pro vs Slim comparison

>PS+ Current Offerings

>PS Store Weekly Sale
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/tnm/ ~Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi~

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>What is this?
A Japanese mobile RPG that lets you collect and fight using characters from the Toji no Miko series.
Features of the game include 3D turn based combat, character dress-up, visual novel segments, and of course-- (((Gacha)))


>Current Events
New Years event 2 (1/11 18:00 - 1/20 23:59 JST)
2019 New Years login bonus (1/1 4:00 - 2/1 23:59 JST)
Yukina's Tower (1/17 12:00 JST - 1/31 23:59 JST [Floor 2: 1/20 12:00 JST, Floor 3: 1/24 12:00 JST, Floor 4: 1/28 12:00 JST])

>Future Events
Livestream on 1/28 20:30 JST

>Main Story, Events and Character Quests Translations

>Friend list:

>Official Website




>Store links

>Concept art
Material - Prequel:

Gomi Thread:
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\RDRG\- Red Dead Redemption General

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RDRG Old and tired edition
>Latest Rockstar news update and future content plans:

>DEC 14 status update, 15 additional Gold Bars and 1.05 Notes:

>Interactive map displaying the locations of all collectables/pickups, bounty posters, hunting requests, legendary animals/fish, events, strangers, gang hideouts, gambling mini-games, easter eggs, landmarks, etc. in singleplayer:

>online map

>A spreadsheet listing all the necessary targets required to hunt to craft anything and everything that you may want or need in singleplayer:

>Multiple maps displaying the locations of all your hunting and fishing targets for singleplayer:

>toads arent real if you want to make money fish maps do the award glitch or do if the second to last mission and dont blow up on of the crates then just go hunt with friends for 30 min for 60$ payout plus your hunting money

>if you want a lantern on belt equip it crouch take cover and respawn

>List of weapons required to get perfect pelts, skins, hides, and/or carcasses:

>Submit Feedback

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Star Ocean General S.D. 100 - /sog/

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A general for all things Star Ocean. Happy 100th Thread Edition!

>Series info/what version to play:
>Star Ocean Wiki (for all related media):

Latest game:
>Star Ocean Anamnesis
>Official Site:
>Tier List and Unit Data (JP):
>Global Tier List:
>List of Banners (JP and Global):
>General FAQ:

Current SOA Events For Global:
>Transmogrified Alma's Descent from Jan 8, 3:00 a.m. (PT) to Jan. 22, 1:00 a.m. (PT)
>Returning Events Spree (reruns of Geral Horde, Elim. Jie Revorse, VR Arena Battle, Michael Descends, The Executioner Attacks and Luther's Descent) from Dec 25, 3:00 a.m. (PT) to Feb. 5, 1:00 a.m. (PT)

Coming Soon For SOA Global:
>Mystery Event from Jan 22, 3:00 a.m. (PT) to Feb. 5, 1:00 a.m. (PT)

Update roadmaps:

JP SOA Links:
>Official JP Site:
>JP Wiki:
>SOA manga:
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/fng/ - Fortnite General

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/@/ - The iDOLM@STER General

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Previous iM@S Thread: >>241600982
Archive of materials:
Japanese news:
Official upcoming events schedule:
Streaming music:
Material translations + Music downloads:
Character birthdays:
Upcoming events & merchandise:
Next thread OP:
>New here? Check out the FAQ + Resource Links:

>Event/gacha dates (Jan 20th): >>241538315
SS Cards:
SS Tracker:
TD Cards:
TD Tracker:
LoS Tracker:
SC Wiki:
SC Game:

>Archive of >>241556205:
- ML WS stream with Rio's VA tonight at 8:30PM JST: >>241622170
- TD TB/TC vote ratio comparison: >>241600025
- TD Iku's winter gacha: >>241604804
- TD TC TakaneP's ramen suggestions: >>241616257
- SS Brief Maintenance + Apology Jewels (Jan 21st): >>241602451 >>241605395
- SS Update (Jan 21st): >>241617887 >>241618094 >>241618191 >>241619945 >>241620149
- SS "Spice Paradise" MV: >>241619690
- CG Theater Wide 82 raw+TL: >>241618009 >>241620787
- CG Refresh Room (Jan 21st): >>241618297
- CG Voiced Cards (Jan 21st): >>241618370 >>241618628 >>241618927
- SC Update (Jan 21st) Cards: >>241618426 >>241618590 >>241618858 >>241619346 >>241620254 >>241626007
- SC Update (Jan 21st) Other: >>241620434 >>241621384 >>241622131
- LoS Update (Jan 21st): >>241619979 >>241620138
- SM Upcoming (Jan 21st): >>241620401 >>241620791
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Team Fortress 2 /tf2g/

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>Official Sites |

>Tips and Guides
Class Guides:

>Unofficial Sites
Custom HUDs: |
Preview Loadout: |
Scripting: |
Trading: | |

Game Traffic:
Personal Game Data:
Server Status: |

>Competitive Resources
Basics and Regional Leagues:
Lobbies: |
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/hbg/ - Homebrew and Hacking General - 7.0.0 soon edition

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Last thread: >>241130746

3DS: all
Switch: all old units (4.1.0 for warmboot and newer units)
Wii U: 5.5.3 (latest)
Vita: 3.68 (3.65 for coldboot enso)
PS4: 5.05
PS3: 4.82 (CFW only for older models)

Learn reverse engineering:
post setup:
post setup:
Other consoles:

[Jan10] Ref00d
[Jan 11] Twilightmenu ++
[Dec 3] System update 11.9 released, updating is safe

[Jan 13] USB MTP
[Jan 11] SX Installer 1.2
[Jan 7] SXOS 2.5.2
[Dec 31] Goldleaf released, note: it's still buggy -
[Dec 17] Part of Dejavu, a 4.1.0 warmboot exploit chain, has been leaked and implemented in Atmosphere, despite the original plan of keeping it private until mariko units released
[Dec 8] Atmosphere 0.8.2 released

[Dec 29] 5.50+ not happening until Mathieulh feels like it, check back in 6 months
[Nov 25] Remote Package Installer

>Freeshop will not come back, no workaround
>Only way to download Switch games from CDN is with a 24 hour cert
>You cannot play Red Dead Redemption without updating and losing homebrew forever on your console
>EmuNAND is not a ban-evading feature, but an easier way to keep your NAND clean. If you use emuNAND don't connect to the internet while using it (or use stealth mode)
>Read the OP before asking questions,look things up on Google, GBAtemp and older /hbg/ threads
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