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/dg/ - Destiny General

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(h*Ntards and w*rcucks will cry at this OP)

>Is Forsaken worth it?

>Is the annual pass worth it?
If you want more things to do most weeks and enjoy playing Destiny, go for it.

>Fastest way to 650/700?
Power Surge Bounties that give 640 power level gear, then do everything that rewards you with Powerful Gear.

- Thorn quest is now live.
- Allegiance quest is now live
- Reckoning T3 is now live
- Be sure to forge the first frames you pick up at Bergusia Forge. Frames this week are Bow, Auto Rifle, and Sword.
- Invitations Of The Nine are live, weekly bounty from xur that gives powerful gear and lore
- Xur selling Huckleberry, Gemini, Mask (TITAN BVLLS only) and Contraverse

>Current TWAB

>Update 2.2.0

>Year 2 Roadmap

>Fast Response News:

>TTK spreadsheet

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/gsg/ - Grand Strategy General

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We don't have an official steam or discord group. If anyone posts in the thread about any "official" or not steam or discord groups, promising MP or not, be sure it's a shitposter group known for organizing raids and shitposting in the thread. They are known for false-flagging. Report and ignore it.

How fares your empire, /gsg/?

Random Country Picker

# News
Imperator: Rome releasing on April 25

>Archive (mods only)!plMxFYTB!sn9MTrvJ0tYjWSHgM8CZow

>Where to get these games


>>[EU4] - /gsg/ Universalis DD 03/09/2018

>>[HoI3] - Flavormod 1.1.3

>>[V2] - Historical Project Mod 0.4.1 - 09/01/2018

>>[V2] - Napoleon's Legacy v0.3.1.7

>>[V2] Alternative Flag Pack V10

Old Thread:
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/dfg/ - Dwarf Fortress General

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Librarys Edition

Old Thread >>247743041

>Download the classic game here. Current version is Dwarf Fortress 0.44.12:

>The yet unreleased Steam and versions (Fancier graphics and enhanced audio):

>Official forums:

>Find a bug? Don't tell us! Tell Toady! Complaining in the thread will accomplish nothing.

>Have a question? Check the wiki first: (Offline version)

>Fireden archived threads:

>Dwarf Therapist:


>Legends Viewer:

>Starter Pack:

>DF Mods and Utilities:

>A bunch of guides to various parts of fort-based living:

>Video tutorials: (Dated, but good)

>Text tutorials:

>This pasta:

Strike the earth!
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/mhg/ - Monster Hunter General

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I am forgotten

>Monster Hunter: World PC events
[03-15] ~ [03-28] Kulve Taroth Siege
[03-22] ~ [04-04] Arch Tempered Zorah Magdaros
[04-04] ~ [04-18] Arch Tempered Xeno'jiiva

>Monster Hunter: World PS4/Xbox events
[03-28] ~ [04-04] Extreme Behemoth

=== INFO ===

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.


>MHXX Update 1.4.0 with English Patch v5
Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.
Same thing, in application form.

>Where does /vg/ play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Private: Yes. Include the platform you're playing on when posting rooms. Ctrl+f 3pseat to find PC rooms.
Gen/XX, Objective/?????: Gathering/??????? (page 1, middle right)
4U, Target: Fishing

Tags: MHWorld, MHW, MHGU, MHXX, MHGen, MH4U, MH3U, MHFU, Stories, MonHun, /mhg/

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/tnm/ ~Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi~

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What is this?
A Japanese mobile RPG that lets you collect and fight using characters from the Toji no Miko series.
Features of the game include 3D turn based combat, character dress-up, visual novel segments, and of course-- (((Gacha)))


>Current Events
Ranking event (starting 3/22 12:00 JST) SOS quests open on 3/27
Shinsengumi gacha (3/22 12:00 JST - 3/30 23:59 JST)
Anniversary paid gacha (3/20 18:00 JST - 4/30 23:59 JST)
Yukina's Tower (3/17 12:00 JST - 3/31 23:59 JST) Floor 4 open on 3/27 12:00 JST

>Future events
Tojifes stream (3/30 16:00 JST)

>Toji Fes Details & extra
Date on: 3/30
Official site:
Apply for tickets:

>Main Story, Events and Character Quests Translations

>Friend list:

>Official Website




>Store links
PC Version:

>Card art collection

>Concept art
Material - Prequel:

Gomi thread:
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/pfkmg/ - Pathfinder: Kingmaker General

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Overwatch General - /owg/

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Yuge edition

>Overwatch League

>Hero 30, Baptiste, is now live!

>March 19th patch notes, DPS buffs

>Developer Update for Baptiste


>The newest 2CP map, Paris, is live!

>New animated short "Reunion"

>Hero item checklists for all events

>Latest PC patch notes

>Overwatch dev tracker

>Personal stats / leader boards

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/lisg/ - Life is Strange General #940

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Three Musketeers Edition

Previous Thread: >>247208524

>Release Dates:
Episode 1 ? ''Roads'' September 27 2018
Episode 2 ? ''Rules'' January 24 2019
Episode 3 ? TBA
Episode 4 ? TBA
Episode 5 ? TBA

Life is Strange is an episodic interactive drama from DONTNOD Entertainment. Set in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Arcadia Bay, the player follows the story of Maxine Caulfield and her seemingly newfound ability to turn hella gay and rewind time. At the prestigious Blackwell Academy, Max must prepare with Chloe Price for the incoming storm of returning to her hometown after five years. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

The main characters of Life is Strange 2 are brothers Sean (16) and Daniel Diaz (9), two brothers living a fairly normal life in Seattle, Washington state. Following a tragic event, their lives are forever changed. Now on the run from the police and threatened with both separation and incarceration, Sean decides to take his younger brother and seek a better life in their family’s home town of Puerto Lobos, Mexico.

>Official Website:


>/lisg/ Permalink:

>FAQs, Old Threads/Strawpolls, Soundtrack/Music & Leaks:

>/lisg/ Community Written Fan Fiction (Continuation WHEN):

>Compilation of Fanfics:

>/lisg/ Content Producers:

>/lisg/ sings:
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/d2g/ - Dota 2 General

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/khg/ - Kingdom Hearts General

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Ancient friends edition

New to the Series?
Quick Start:

KINGDOM HEARTS HD I.5 + II.5 ReMIX is available now on PlayStation 4 (both available separately on PlayStation 3)
KINGDOM HEARTS HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue is available now on PlayStation 4
KINGDOM HEARTS The Story So Far (All HD Collections in one) is available now on PlayStation 4
KINGDOM HEARTS III is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

KHIII Press Site:


KINGDOM HEARTS III - Secret Ending (Major Spoilers):
KINGDOM HEARTS III - Epilogue (Major Spoilers):

Face My Fears (Opening Theme):

Don't Think Twice (Ending Theme):

Catch up to Kingdom Hearts News here:

>Lore Resources

KINGDOM HEARTS Union ?[Cross] available on Android and iOS
>GLOBAL Updates
>JP Updates
>General News+Updates

>Quick Help Guide [heavily depreciated]
>Damage Calculator

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