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Bind your account to a Sunborn ID instead of logging from Facebook/Google
>Unavailable in Play/App Store? - APKPURE

Beginner's FAQ - READ THIS AND CHECK THE RESOURCES PASTEBIN before asking questions

Resources & Friend List -
Build Timers -
Basic Tips -
Equipment Guide -

Use 522/320/404/137 in doll construction, restart the game

>EVENTS (Global)
[Current] Easter Egg - April 2/ April 23
[Upcoming] New Client - April 16
[Upcoming] Deep Dive - April 30
[Upcoming] Veteran Call Back April 16/ June 3
[Current] Gem Bonus April 13/ April 19

[Current] PM-9 Event April 13/ May 3

[Upcoming] Deep Dive - Early May
[Upcoming] New Doll Rate-up - April 19th
[Current] Arctic Fox Bingo Event - April 12

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