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/ms2g/ - Maplestory 2 General

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Soul Binder edition

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>/ms2g/ Guilds
Reply to OP with name and server for invite.
If you've made a new guild, reply to OP with the guild name and server.

>Useful Information and Links

>FAQ (ctrl+F this before asking stupid shit)


Do your dailies.
There is no /ms2g/ discord, fuck off back to the general whence you came.
Gemstones are endgame. Fashion is the REAL endgame.
Daily Dungeon Cap is now 15/day instead of 10/day.

Remember, you're only casual if you give up

Channel 44 is where everyone usually plays on. Coco Island is a popular spot. If you have something against the Islanders, then just post a spot you want to meetup at.

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