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/lhg/ - Light's Hope General

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Light's Hope is a Vanilla WoW Private Server, the realm Northdale was released the 23rd of June, 2018 and it's fresh, we're playing here.

>/vg/ Guild:
<Kangz Honor Friends> (Alliance)

Fresh Horde guild:
No guild yet, feel free to make one! Note: to be a /vg/ guild you have to only recruit from /vg/

>Addons pack (some out of date like KLH Threat Meter)

>Leveling Guide (specs unreliable for some classes use at own risk, play what you want or ask in the thread for more info):

>Download the client without torrent (direct download):!e4cjFT5L!7VvX-yAlJ87KdU-6BNQVlhoYY5_YdnYW3WezYsVrYgI