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Getting tilted is a sign of low test edition
Old thread>>221621023
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In case 4chan dies again, head to<current thread ID>

>[Century of Eternal Flame and Ice: Gotterdammerung - The Jolly Fellow of the Undying Flame]
It's out now.
Two new materials
Master level raised to 150
5* Saber Sigurd: 18-22, 26-1
Bryn: 23-25, 29-1
4* Lancer Valkyrie: Always on rateup, not limited
5* Rani CE: Ignore attack and 35% damage increase vs Berserkers
4* Julius CE
3* Sakura lunch CE

>Pre-Goetterdaemmerung campaign
Napoleon is on rateup alone until the 27th, he is not limited
Players who have already completed Anastasia will receive 10 quartz, the story is currently 1 quarter AP

>July 2018 Monthly Mats
Snake Gems
Void Dust
Hero's Proofs


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: April 5)
View list:

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine
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/fgoalter/ - Fate/Grand Order NA General

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Previous: >>221661172

>[Free Quest AP Cost 1/2 Campaign]
2018-07-17 21:00 - 07-25 20:59 PDT

>[Camelot Pickup 2 Summon]
2018-07-17 21:00 - 08-01 20:59 PDT
Servants: Altria Pendragon (Lancer) 5*, Gawain 4*, Tristan 4*

>[FGO Summer Festival 2018 - 1st Anniversary]
2018-07-07 18:00 - 07-19 20:59 PDT

>[1st Anniversary Guaranteed Summon!]
2018-07-07 18:00 - 07-19 20:59 PDT

Visit FateGO.USA on Facebook for announcements and info on Quartz campaigns.

>[Helpful Links]
Drop rates (click the NA tab):
Servant Planner:

Rateups in FGO JP:
Upcoming event items:
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/vn/ - Schatten torrent when? Edition

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Visual Novel General #2230

>Having trouble with your VN? Try the following before you ask for tech support:
1. Be in Japanese locale
2. Read the Readme
3. Read the wiki below
4. Google it

>FAQs, Recommendations, and Other Useful Things:

>Need a novel with a specific element?

>Download Links:

Previous thread:

This general is for the discussion of English-translated Japanese visual novels.
All posting of untranslated visual novels belongs on >>>/jp/
E-celeb shitposting is not allowed.
Kindly use spoiler tags appropriately when discussing plot spoilers to facilitate smooth discussion.
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/rlg/ - Roguelike General

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post you're fucking runs edition

Previous: >>221041285

Prospector R209 released


>What to Play

>Individual Game Pastas

>/rlg/'s shared DCSS online account
User: rlgrobin
Password: ownfault (or "robin" on Xtahua)

>Roguelike Servers: (CDDA, angband, PCB) (Angband and variants, including PCB) (Nethack and variants, including slex)
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/ink/ - Splatoon General

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Woomy runs into Splash Wall and fucking DIES edition

Previous thread: >>221571171

Redirect to current thread:
Splatoon 2 Map Schedules:

Version 3.2.0 now available to download!
Next global Splatfest: Squid vs. Octopus! 7/20 9:00 PT - 7/21 9:00 PT (NA), 20/7 16:00 CEST - 21/7 16:00 CEST (EU), 07/21 13:00 JST - 7/22 13:00 JST (JP)


>Patch notes

>Gear and weapon lists

>Loadout planner with weapons, gear, abilities, and stat calculations

>Weapon info

>List of alternate main abilities for gear from Splatnet

>League and Rank X weapon usage data
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/wfg/ - Warframe General

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Saryn edition
Previous thread: >>221625821

>READ the pastebins BEFORE asking stupid questions

>How to join Warbros NFA or the Alliance:
(Warbros IS accepting new applicants, but the clan is currently full and may not have room if there are no inactive members to replace)

>Notable links
Buying and Selling items:
Farming Prime parts:
Riven Prices:
Droptables by DE (probably rigged):
WF news, Riven Calculator, Zaw and Fish parts:
DPS calculator and weapon build planner: (not maintained)
DPS calculator and build planner No.2: (frames, weapons and companions)
Top guns:
Frames and Modding:

CURRENT UPDATE: The Sacrifice (Update 23)
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/dng/ - Dueling Network Genral

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YGO General #2867

TCG is okay with death Edition

Last thread: >>221575801

? YGOPro is an automated simulator.
YGOPro Percy Discord (will always contain latest download links):
? Duelingbook is a manual simulator with no judges or databased rulings

Useful Links:
>Current Official Rulebook:
>Wiki with a wealth of information for the players:
>Hypergeometric Probability Calculator:
>Yu-Gi-Oh! stock market:

>OCG decklists:

>TCG decklists:

>TCG/OCG news sites:

Upcoming Sets:
?OCG: Deck Build Pack: Hidden Summoners (August 4th)
?OCG: Extra Pack 2018 (September 8th)
?OCG: Structure Deck R: Undead World (September 22nd)
?OCG: Savage Strike (October 13th)

?TCG: Cybernetic Horizon (July 27th)
?TCG: Structure Deck: Powercode Link (August 10th)
?TCG: Shadows in Valhalla (August 16th)
?TCG: 2018 Mega-Tins (August 31st)
?TCG: Cybernetic Horizon Special Edition (September 14th)
?TCG: Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss (September 28th)
?TCG: Legendary Hero Decks (October 5th)
?TCG: Advent Calendar (October 18th)
?TCG: Soul Fusion (October 19th)

?Duel Links discussion goes in /dlg/
?No CaC
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/hbg/ - Homebrew General

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Last thread: >>221536151

3DS: 11.3 (all via DS card, seedminer or another hacked 3DS)
Switch: all old units (or 4.1.0 eventually on newer units)
Wii U: 5.5.2
Vita: 3.68 (3.65 for coldboot enso)
PS4: 5.05
PS3: 4.82 (CFW only for some 25xx models and lower)

Learn reverse engineering:
?post setup:
?post setup:
Other consoles:

[Jun 30] nds-bootstrap keeps improving, almost perfect
[Jun 20] Smea is going to release a free primary ARM9 exploit in late August

[Jul 15] ReiNX CFW coming soon
[Jul 14] Matrix CFW coming soon >>221237190
[Jul 13] ktemkin stole an exploit off SciresM and reported it to google. He was banned from ReSwitched.
[Jul 11] Octopath leaked >>220829210
[Jul 10] hexkyz releases SX OS unpacking script
[Jul 10] Units with patched bootroms are likely in the wild now
[Jul 07] NSPs can be downloaded from Nintendo's servers
[Jul 02] SX OS 1.3 released. Adds layeredFS and eshop games support, brick code disabled
[Jun 30] Most telemetry can be disabled through Nintendo's European website, or by blocking a specific address

[Jul 11] 3.67 games on 3.65 soon
[Jul 01] h-encore, a new kernel exploit for 3.65-3.68, was released

[Jul 04] HEN 1.7 released. You can now install fpkgs on external HDD
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