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Just your reminder that there are two options:

>1) Blizzard monetizes it through the store and by including tokens, or including a separate sub price (will never happen)
>It fucking dies

>2) Blizzard doesn't monetize it, investment into it becomes financially unsound as the ROI is terrible and Blizzard is a company, not a moral service, and the regular sub price barely manages to cover the expenses and upkeep for both games at the same time
>It fucking dies

Unless you finally realize that we're living under a capitalist system and that you must either accept tokens, store mounts and perhaps even a separate sub, you can forget about your dead nostalgia circlejerk in a year tops when people realize that they're playing the exact same content they have been so far with no new patches or raids coming out, and unbalanced classes and items being perpetually unbalanced as there's no one to fix them, because there's no fucking financial incentive for such a massive money sink and the autistic fanbase refuses to accept even a minor cosmetic monetization when the entire rest of the industry is heavily monetized.