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>hired by a game studio to work on a game
>it's supposed to be a pvp focused game
>third person arena shooter/melee action hybrid
>get real excited, thinking the game is going to usher in a renaissance for arena shooters
>find out the setting is some weird ass fantasy shit with some tech slapped in

Fuck this shit and fuck this studio. What a retarded ass fucking idea. Fantasy and tech shit don't fucking mix. This game is gonna have retarded shit like fucking elves with "magic guns", "mage" characters casting spells, and full on melee shit like warriors and rogue type classes. Why the fuck would they do this? This game could have been amazing, if only they chose a pure sci fi/cyberpunk setting for this instead of this weird ass fucking mishmash. Leave that faggy shit to fucking mmos like WoW and FF 14, or shitty Korean garbage. Fuck sakes.

Pic related, this is the kind of shit you can expect as playable characters in the game. So fucking dumb.