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God I fucking hate this faggot.
Now before you lampoon me for making an “e-celeb” thread this nigger actually has something to do with this board.
For those who don’t know “lax chris” is a faggot YouTuber who finds bullshit smash/Nintendo leaks that people make on /v/ and then does full videos on how they could be legit. His videos are cancer and he gets just enough views to show up on youtubes recommended and for people to watch him.
Obviously this kind of cancer is not only faggoty in general but will bring over the kids who watch his gay videos, not to mention that he feeds the faggots who make fake leak posts. So my question is how do we stop him? Since he gets all his content from this board alone there must be some way to fuck with him in such a way that it makes him lose his subs trust or at least stop getting content from this website