Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

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We literally don't know nothing about the game or story yet. Why is /v/ already crying about it?

Lets face the facts we know
>Vampire games have always been about (vampire) politics
>some obscure ruletext seems to mention different pronouns (which in a world full of shapeshifters kind of makes senses)
>black people are in the world (they are in ours too)
>the author is the same as in the first game
>they don't seem to shy from sexuality (see big moma vampire in the trailer)
>you can mod the game = can literally be Skyrim 3.0 porn world full of naked vamps

The rest is just assumptions. Why is /v/ angry again?

btw. Why do I have feeling 90% of people who are crying will just pirate it anyways and use the "politics" as an excuse?