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Am I the only one who is baffled by how people are scared about Steve getting into smash? Minecraft is iconic enough to warrant a spot on the roster, a Minecraft stage would be amazing, and Sakuria could do wonders with the concept of a builder.

>But muh limited animations

He made a fucking potted plant work Sakuria can pull it of. Last I checked Bowser doesn't do drop kicks and suplexes in any Mario games.

>But Steve is generic and isn't iconic

Steve may not be iconic as character, but his art style and moveset is, so it's warranted. Villager falls under the same umbrella of a "generic character"

>But Minecraft is a has a kiddy fanbase xD

Yeah and the smash community is a bunch of fat sweaty man children who bitch and moan about a 70 character roster when their favorite obscure character who hasn't been in a game for 20 years doesn't get picked, complain about tourney rulesets that never fucking change, and constantly whine about how characters should be nerfed instead of having low tiers buffed and actually adapting to the game.