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>No trophies
>No For Fun/For Glory online
>Incineroar is quite possibly one of the most anti-hype characters in all of Smash history, topping even Duck Hunt
>The replacement for trophies, Spirits, are glorified jpegs, don't even have flavor text descriptions like trophies did
>In fact Spirits are just stickers from Brawl renamed to sound cool
>No Smash Taunts even though it would be trivial to just record new lines for new characters and just reuse old ones for old fighters
>Favorites like Isaac or Shadow turned into assist trophies, nothing but a slap in the face to fans
>DLC announced before the game's fucking release, even priced
>Speaking of DLC, there's even an awfully overpriced season pass, which any other company would get lampooned for
>Game is severely lacking in modes compared to other games in the series
>The removal of trophies makes classic mode all but obsolete to play that they might as well remove it
>99% of music tracks are just reused remixes from Brawl and Sm4sh
>Those that aren't are just the same song with no remix just lazily ripped and slapped into ultimate
>Paid online

b-but hey at least piranha plant is in r-right? haha based nintendo can do no wrong!!

thank you papa sakuraisan, your shit tastes so good!!!!