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your given a blank check and tasked with making a goblin slayer game

how would be like?
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Games with this feel/aesthetic?
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Eerie places in non-horror video games

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The subways In GTA 4 were always creepy
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>Still no Cold Steel 3 announcement
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Mouse thread

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Picking up from >>439370658. I was considering a Steelseries 300, but a kind anon warned me about the rubber grips which wear out after as few months. After digging up a bit more info, I might avoid the Steelseries brand entirely.

Now I'm looking at the Razer Basilisk, maybe even the DeathAdder. Thoughts?
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>Game locations, secrets and items are so hidden you need internet help or buy the official guide to enjoy the full experience
why is this allowed?
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Help expand the RPG Kingdom one building at a time /v/.
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what are some god tier vidya snacks? preferably home made, just made pic related plus 3 more for the whole family can't wait to dig in. alright, going to boot up some smash brawl and kick some major a*s as bowser
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I AM the dmc thread
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Did Chara anything wrong?

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Was Chara really so bad? Did she really kill anyone? Who? I think Chara did nothing wrong and player is the evil.