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Left or right?
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Sonic thread

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What is your favourite:
>2D Classic game
>2D Modern game
>3D Classic game (pre boost era)
>3D Modern game
>Spin off
>Least favourite game
>Unpopular opinion
>Rate others opinion and don't forget to be disrespectfull
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Whatever happened to vehicular combat genre?
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Is this accurate?
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Seriously, though. How can other Neps even compete?
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Granblue Anniversary

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How can FGO and any other gacha even fucking compete?
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>A cheaper model like the 2DS
>A more powerful model

Thanks for the beta testing guys.
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ITT; Games that should exist but don't

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Arc System Works-developed My Hero Academia fighting game.
This time focusing on getting all of Class A playable, even ones like Hagakure, Aoyama, and Aoyama.
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Ask questions, get answers, discuss ect.
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Where would you rank it among the Souls games?
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