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It's time for a reality check

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When all of you shitters are dissapointed with the resident evil 2 remake (it's not even a remake) i will be laughing right here you autistc retards, you are not real fans
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When will Rouge finally get her own game?
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what do you want from the sequel?
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Butt Payne to the max!!!!
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Tell me about your favorite video games to play on a phone at once, /v/.
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He's in

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Noatesty confirms Plant was first tested around September or late August
Plant should be out in February so 7 months at most and 6 months latest
If Sakurai was telling the truth that DLC outside of Plant hadn't began development at all, testing would start in December and he should be out in May
Doing characters individually like this would be incredibly sluggish even with the final date being February 2020 so I could see them released simultaneously especially since we saw Brave's stats in a day 1 patch
If Joker and Brave began being made together at the start that would explain why we have credible people like Tansut certain about Erdrick but not anyone else part of the 5ch leak
Nobody could've leaked Joker because he wasn't available for testing
If pair theory is correct then its possible for one to have been leaked when both began development testing in the states
Tansut said Erdrick will have both genders and given how Plant had his model ready around September or August, it would make sense for Erdrick to have a model be ready early, possibly both.
Noatesty most likely lost his job or has gone silent to avoid suspicion so he couldn't have mentioned Joker even if he was actually being tested before December given his last post was in September
Considering how Erdrick only started to get rumored in December, this all makes sense
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So why exactly they still haven't returned Techno Syndrome from Immortals as theme of game and implemented some dark hardtrance/303 acid techno as arena themes instead of focusing on utterly shitty orchestra? Also why are story characters so soft tier in comparison to glorious brutality of non-canon fights?