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Yeah, I'm thinking she's back.
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Play S4 with /v/!

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It's saturday, so the game will actually be alive today, I hope.

>What is S4 League?
S4 League is an online fast-paced anime style Third Person Shooter taking place in a virtual world called the netsphere, themed around sports and being stylish as fuck while you destroy your opponents. Released as a free to play in 2008, it is in my opinion one of the last games with a great design/player improvement philosophy behind it, if that makes sense. The learning curve and the skill gap were both very high, but it made being good at the game extremely rewarding on top of allowing the community to thrive by having the more experienced players training those who were ready to learn. The soundtrack is great,the announcer entertaining and and playing dressing up to be good looking was rewarded by the third person view since you could see your character at all times. But it all had to be ruined by greedy Korean vultures and poor decisions, sadly. Fortunately enough S4 max™ does not have this problem (yet)

>How can I play?

Grab the game at :
>private server set to the first season before everything went south
>no pay to win bullshit, everything (weapons, costumes, anything) is FREE and PERMANENT requiring no monetary spending of any kind
>some custom maps, costumes and weapons have been included (dual rifle is BROKEN)
>more recent weapons such as the Katana or the breaker are in, but not behaving like they would in the retail version since they were recreated so expect some differences
>chaser mode is buggy but playable

Account is created at first log-in. Make sure not to forget your credentials!
The room you're looking for is :
Password : RAGE

>How can I improve/find back my level and be stylish to /wave on other eSpers? [Embed] (recovering from melee hits)

Today is the official Smash Rifle day.
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>come join us on discord anon, it'll be fun
>haha s-sure
>is that your voice? it's kinda funny
>can you please speak louder
>exit discord and quit guild

every time
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What went so very wrong here?
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>destroys 3 years worth of stock growth
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tfw lived long enough for CA to release a new actually good historical Total War game

Who you playing as, /v/? Currently going as the Big Donger, trying to follow the story events so I can make Lu Bu my faction leader.

Also, Lu Bu is OP af. Decided to deploy him alone on the east side of an open town and the AI recognized him as more of a threat than the entire rest of my army. Pretty funny watching my other 20 units, including 2 generals, smash through the only peasant swordsman unit the enemy dared to spare to guard the other road because motherfuckin' Lu Bu was on the battlefield that day.
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Stop browsing this shitty board and go play some video games you fucking idiots
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Gaming Mice

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What gaming mouse do you have /v/?

GPW and model o
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