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Mortal Kombat 11

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Let's talk about the game and not some Futa Fanfiction
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>indie game
>it's actually good

What's her name, /v/?
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Resident evil 2 is coming out on the 25th and Kingdom hearts 3 on the 29th.
What are you doing in the meantime?
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Just got a new computer. Dump your gaming wallpapers.

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dark souls

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it was a very dark night in the souls game, feeling like batman...crashing rars blazing through the fog, gaming just pouring from the ceiling covered in thin dark matter, probably the result of living my life as a smoking hikki with narrow expectations on life, days were going by, feeling like nothing, breathing like nothing. Duty calls, I annswer the phone, it was my brother Ringus, he always call me for no reason, he said "heil the Hovercraft" and he hanged the phone down, leaving me wondering. My dog never really talked much, he was the kind of dog that wouldn't bite back, but he always looked at me with a rageful face, hell knows wwhat was boiling down in his mind, that's why I always had a shotgun next to me with its name written on it, his name was Baltimore-F22 Doggaroo.
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Did Peter Steele sing this vidya song?
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RTS support thread

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Haven't seen one in a while.
What have you been playing /v/?
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>Japanese game set in the west
>Western characters have Japanese mannerisms