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There is LITERALLY nothing wrong with being a whale
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ss13 Thread

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Reading The Silmarillion, wanted to pick this up.

With all Micro-transactions removed now, did they core game improve like BattleFront 2 did? I remember at launch it was ”Grind or Pay cash” halfway through the plot.
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>CTR just released, and people are mostly positive
>SOTC PS4 is considered the definitive version
>FF7R will most likely sell 10+ million on PS4 when it releases
Why is it that remakes of video games tend to yield better results than other mediums?
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God Eater 3 finally launched on the switch

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holy shit this is actually quite fun, picked it up on a whim and it actually feels like the switch monster hunter we deserved
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I was just made aware of this game's existence from the trailers for the remaster. I have to say, I'm glad that From Software has grown up since the original release. The game looks like mindless Michael Bay Transformers shit with gameplay that makes EDF look nuanced. The wrtiting is just AMERIKUH FUK YEH XDD ironywanking that stopped being entertaining in 2003, and not to mention the terrible American voice acting that are all phoned in, even Sekiro VA was better which is saying a lot. From has come a long way, thank god we god Demon Souls instead of a shitty sequel to this trash
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make it a game
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Elden Ring

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Will this be his Magnum Opus?
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