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Did Nintendo watch this video when they made Breath of the Wild?
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>Blizzard can't even pay people to pretend their games are fun anymore

Needless to say if classic trips out of the gate this company is fucked in the next few years.
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Last thread was fun, lets have another one.
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Switch news update

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> New Joycon colors Neon Purple/Neon Orange and Blue/Neon Yellow
> New model revision coming around the end of August, not sure about the states
> Luigi Mansion 3 released date confirmed for 10/31

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>collect a bunch of little girls
>clothe them
>feed them
>train them
What did KT mean by this?

Hyrule Warriors thread?
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Splatoon 2 thread
Chaos or Order?
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Just finished it
Holy shit 10/10
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Smash Ultimate

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Post Most Wanteds, Wishlists, etc, Whatever you like
Previous Thread: >>470740503
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Crudely draw a scene from a videogame as fast as you can and others try to guess which game it's from.
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I'm going to replay Oblivion soon but I'm not sure what roll as. Let's say dubs decides. Also just an elder scrolls thread. Discuss shit. Debate shit. Feel free to call me a faggot etc.