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Gaming visuals you misinterpreted as a kid.
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dark souls

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Resident evil 2 is coming out on the 25th and Kingdom hearts 3 on the 29th.
What are you doing in the meantime?
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It's time for a reality check

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When all of you shitters are dissapointed with the resident evil 2 remake (it's not even a remake) i will be laughing right here you autistc retards, you are not real fans
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Who would win?
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Why are there so many cucks on this board?
Or are those just falseflagging niggers and mutts? We all know white dicks are the biggest on average, no need to deny reality.
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yay or nay?
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You ARE pursuing your dream of becoming one-man-army game dev, right /v/?
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Smash Headcanon thread?
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best vidya music

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