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This is where i've dropped this game. I've played all From's games (DS1, DS2, DS3, BB - and i loved them), bought them both on PC and PS4, but this garbage boss right after the Genichiro fight made me quit this *****ing game completely. I deeply regret wasting my time and money i've put into this game. This is probably the last From's game i've bought, sad because i used to be a fan of them. At least Dark Souls and Bloodborne were fair. Wasted 10h on this boss and i am dead inside to say the least... Good to luck to anyone through, who will attempt to fight him. I don't think luck will help you tho..
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Come play with me, Anon. It'll be fun!
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The State of FE

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This is what Fire Emblem has become. I hope you're happy /v/.
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>no more busty female fighters allowed
What went wrong?
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What is the video game equivalent to Mob Pyscho 100?
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Have you ever felt like you're getting too old for video games? This lass looks barely older than my own daughter.
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Real talk: dub or sub?
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>he couldn't defeat the final boss and used cheats to finish the game

SEKIRO is a true casual filter
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