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Are you hype for Elex 2?
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What's your favorite heartless in the Kingdom Hearts games?
Mine are the white mushrooms from the first one because they give you things.
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XBOX E3 Conference to be 2 hours

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>The 2016 conference was 90 minutes long
>The 2017 conference was 95 minutes long.
>The 2018 conference was 104 minutes long.
Longest it's ever been. Who the FUCK IS HYPED?

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Why do we hate Yukiko again?
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Why aren't you playing a Plague Tale: Innocence, /v/?

It is a strong, no-nonsense, narrative-driven single player game. No multiplayer, no loot boxes, no microtransactions, no DLC. Just a good story and well-written characters.

Kino of the highest order.
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>Piss off multiple political sides to ensure the only people spending money on your game are people who care about the GAME, and not its politics
Can you even get more based than this?
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>Mexican Character
>It's a wrestler/luchador or hacker
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Ne Ne!
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How sex feels like
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