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This is a picture of me and my wife! Who else hyped about fallout?? We're in it!!
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Guys what to do? At this pace we can say bye bye to DOOM ETERNAL
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>They still never fixed it
The absolute state of Bethesda
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Red Dead Roastie

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*Ruins your game*
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Do you miss the 00's /v/?

What's the most noughties video game?
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Why is this game so heavily praised? It's just boring RE4 in space.

>Industrial hallway
>Industrial hallway
>Fix generator
>Industrial hallway
>Necromorph pops out of vent
>Repeat ad nauseam

Explain the appeal.
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Is he /our guy/?
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>Game locations, secrets and items are so hidden you need internet help or buy the official guide to enjoy the full experience
why is this allowed?
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