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>Machinima is off YouTube and all there content is gone
No one is talking about this here wtf I just found out. I don't care much cause I haven't watched their vids in years, but damn
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>Pedophilia is okay if it's a busty woman
Sorry but no. It's disgusting and an abuse of her authority as a teacher. She as a romance interest should have been removed from the game.
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>game lets you take a bath with your sister
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Tomb Raider Thread

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Why'd they give her big tits in the first game only to take them away in the sequels?
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>all day free of wage caging
>end up just playing some old game for 30 minutes and aimlessly browsing the intertubes looking at inconsequential shit
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What went wrong?
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Mortal Kombat 11

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Let's talk about the game and not some Futa Fanfiction
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*ruins your survival mode*
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Games with this feel that arent dark souls