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Where the fuck is my remake thread fagets
Gameplay Overview:
Final Fantasy VII - E3 2015 Trailer
Final Fantasy VII Remake - PSX 2015 Trailer
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Trailer for State of Play
Final Fantasy VII Remake - E3 2019 A Symphonic Reunion
Final Fantasy VII Remake - E3 2019 Trailer
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GTASA > GTA5 in length (And quality)

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Using speedrunner statistics, GTAV is shorter than GTASA by a wide girth

And Rockstar spent hundreds of millions on GTAV, up to and including wasting time on those character switching scenes that LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GAMEPLAY - literally an hour and a halfs worth of nothing

And despite that - DESPITE THAT - despite every sacrifice to turn GTA into a movie, GTAV's story is only a little longer than GTA:SA (including the DVD San Andreas movie though, SA is longer)

GTAV is a mess, and I mean in everyway, whether it's cheats, mods, etc SA beats V - and unlike the 4 kiddies, you can't use "but muh based single player DLC!!!1" to defend your game
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Buy her game when it comes out
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ITT: Downgrades
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Kill la Kill IF

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>it's actually good
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Why doesn't Human Revolution have dialogue like this?

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What games are in your backlog anon?

For me - what should I play first?
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy XII
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I was just made aware of this game's existence from the trailers for the remaster. I have to say, I'm glad that From Software has grown up since the original release. The game looks like mindless Michael Bay Transformers shit with gameplay that makes EDF look nuanced. The wrtiting is just AMERIKUH FUK YEH XDD ironywanking that stopped being entertaining in 2003, and not to mention the terrible American voice acting that are all phoned in, even Sekiro VA was better which is saying a lot. From has come a long way, thank god we god Demon Souls instead of a shitty sequel to this trash
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