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Just ordered a switch...

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Should i cancel it? Those rumours about revisions seem true... Are they to be released on summer?
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Did he ruin PC gaming?
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Here's your protagonist for tonight
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Will this be the standard for all future fighting games?
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Here's your controller bro.
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Smash Ultimate DLC

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Well everyone, here we are again. For those of you who do not already know, I am the person who leaked the Nintendo Direct that is happening on April 11, 2019. Now, you may be wondering how any of what I am saying right now is credible, and I have proof. Several days before Mario maker 2’s release date was leaked through Amazon UK, I told all of you that it would be releasing on June 14. Now, I am sure a lot of you skeptics out there are probably rolling your eyes, and thinking that I am full of crap, but I assure you it wasn’t just a lucky guess, but instead, real inside information. Now, I will not be telling you guys anything about where I work, where I live, anything about myself, or anything about how I got this information. I do not want any of my personal life to be put on the internet, because I really don’t want to get sued by Nintendo. Anyways, today I am here to tell you all about which characters are going to be on the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighters pass. Now, I am sure that you all remember that I said there would not be any fighters revealed during the April 11, 2019 Nintendo Direct, and that is still true. Instead, we will be getting two characters at E3, one in September, and one in December at the game awards. If you don’t believe me, that is ok. I had lots of people say they didn’t believe me when I leaked the April 11 Nintendo direct, and I am sure I am going to have people doubting me now.
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Granblue Anniversary

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How can FGO and any other gacha even fucking compete?
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>do deathblow
>sneak around
>do second deathblow
>health bar has reset
Fuck this game. Fuck this game forever.
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2019, I am forgotten...
Forgotten games thread
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What game have you never finished /v/?
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