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My hard drive failed last month and erased all of the memories we built together. So it's time for us to make some new memories.

Welcome back to the show where you tell me the names of your favorite characters and then watch them die by bleeding/explosions/hot plasma into the face/mindrape/chryssalids.
Since it's a fresh start, we will need to adjust some shit first.
We're gonna use the option to explode grenades instantly when thrown and, by popular demand, the 3D explosions option, too.
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This game is not canon

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Its bad fanfiction and the series ended at trigger.
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Select your princess
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DMC 4 Nero Concept DT > DMC 5 Nero DT
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>feels what Pyra does
Imagine the sex with Mythra too.
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>that guy who uses "Metal Gear Solid codec sound effect.mp3" as his ringtone
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>made by Mw1 and Mw2 devs.
>has the best of Call of duty’s gameplay
>adds ontop of that with advanced movements
>has a grappling hook for more advanced movement
>weapons are all mostly equally useful
>some weapons are really unique and borrowed from games Like quake and Tf2 with rocket launchers and grenade launchers
>really well made Mech gameplay with Titans
>titans look amazing and do a good job at immersion.
>makes the whole fight feel real with grunts and units thrown around the map that make every battle feel like as if it was something that happened in the lore.

Also :
>runs on source engine
>which in itself is just a heavily moded quake engine
>Titanfall 1/2 and apex are essentially Quake mods.
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This is Sparta.
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>ooouugrh I am so glad *cough* soo glad that I have spend all that time into playing *cough* all those vide... *biiiiiiiiip*
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