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Gaming Mice

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What gaming mouse do you have /v/?

GPW and model o
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Banjo is in

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Grant Kirkhope, the composer of the Banjo-Kazooie games, has previously commented about how he is under no NDA and doesn't know whether or not Banjo is in Smash

April 10th 2019 rolls around, and he tweets out "Today I'll mostly be singing everything is awesome". When asked why, he says "that'd be telling" and likes a tweet saying "I guess we'll find out sooner or later".

Since then, he has stopped responding to people asking him in Banjo is in or if he is working on Banjo music for Smash.

He's in. You Minecraft and Halo fans are gonna have to keep waiting because OUR BOY IS COMING HOME
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ok anon, give me ONE (1) reason why you haven't played or watched Inazuma Eleven (the best selling DS/3DS game of all time in Europe)
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/v/ whiners made CDPR bend the knee

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>In a question regarding aesthetic and design changes to the game and some concerns that the game will deviate from what the original poster thought was an amazing gameplay reveal aesthetic, Lilayah responds that changes are super common to pretty much every single aspect, which includes art and graphic designs. This hints at some aesthetic changes for likely the better when it comes to 2077.

Hope you fucking sunposting faggots are happy, they're changing the aesthetic of the game now because of you crying so much about the goddamn sun. I swear if this game ends up looking like generic "cyberpunk" shit, I'm gonna lose my shit.
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Where were you when Sony killed off their brand?
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Encouraging to see. Maybe Cyberpunk 2077 will be ok after all.
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>"The World Health Organization proposed that "Gaming Disorder" be classified as an addictive behavior in December 2017, then nailed the definition down—complete with separate online and offline categories—in June 2018. This weekend, as reported by Variety, the WHO will make its final decision on whether to classify gaming addiction as a disorder at the 72nd World Health Assembly, which is currently underway."

Ready to collect gaming disability, /v/?
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US considers 25% tariff on game consoles

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ITT: Vaporware
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