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Was he right?
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>CTR just released, and people are mostly positive
>SOTC PS4 is considered the definitive version
>FF7R will most likely sell 10+ million on PS4 when it releases
Why is it that remakes of video games tend to yield better results than other mediums?
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ITT: the best games of their respective series
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Post games that had concepts you wish would have been used more often.
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Are there any good walking simulators? Any you think are actually pretty cool?
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Banjo & Kazooie

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This is a thread for the Banjo-Kazooie series
Post fanart
Talk about your favorite game
Keep Kazooie vs Tooie discussions civil, they're both 10/10 masterpieces
Talk about Banjo in Smash
Speculate about the future of the series
Post songs and remixes
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Smash Ultimate

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Post Most Wanteds, Wishlists, etc, Whatever you like
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