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VTMB2 May not be as SJW as we think

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read this article from PCGamesN I hope what this guy says is true.

"I think if you’re going to tell stories about human beings or vampires as a metaphor for human beings, and there’s going to be a conflict, it’s going to be really difficult to avoid subjects that some people might see as political. Not necessarily marching through the streets with banners or anything, but political statements sometimes just happen when human beings interact with each other.

What do you guys think?
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Did he had a hard life?

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also SMT thread I guess
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Are they the undisputed kings of aesthetics? No other devs even come close.
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What is the video game equivalent to Mob Pyscho 100?
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Do you have a battle station /v/?
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Filename thread
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Yee-haw! You just mounted a monster online in Monster Hunter! What’s your hilarious auto-shortcut?
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Real talk: dub or sub?
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Post the most aesthetically pleasing weapons in vidya
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