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Why is this game so comfy? Is it the character details? The soundtrack?
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We LOVE Diablo!
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Very interesting, Paladins! I think I shall be playing your game now!
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I miss game manuals. That is all.
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>Maomao Discovery Team was one of the games removed from the worldwide store (released November 13th), an RPG that has players controlling a cute cat girl as she battles her way through a dungeon; an exact reason as to why the title was removed was not provided.

>The 2nd game discarded was “Imolicious”, with the developer receiving an email from Valve explaining that the game was banned due to it “exploiting children”.

>Valve’s capricious and inconsistent rulings with regards to the pinnacle of gaming culture seem unlikely to inspire developer – or consumer – confidence in the platform.

Not even Valve is safe. Who the fuck do we turn to now?
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They moved release date from Sep 2018 to April 2019
are they fixing frame rate or adding more content?
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Let's try again.
Desert time?
post bases
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Replace Chrom with Camilla

Replace Incineroar with Tsareena

the roster has now become perfect
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Why are the literally who Belmonts playable but this guy only an assist trophy?
It's not fair bros
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