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*ruins your survival mode*
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>Pedophilia is okay if it's a busty woman
Sorry but no. It's disgusting and an abuse of her authority as a teacher. She as a romance interest should have been removed from the game.
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Meanwhile on extranet /v/
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Resident Evil Thread

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since there's already doubts about the legitimacy of the leak, I suggest everyone to wait until video proof is posted.
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Fuck Taro. Automata fags need not apply
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What's your favorite Keyblade?
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What thread do you automaticly hide /v/?

For me:
>Anything Pepe ( because samefagging)
>Anything wojak(samefagging as well)
>Soul/Soulless threads
>Sales threads(People without a Highschool diploma talking about things they dont understand)
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