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Would you like to play a game where you play as an adult Spyro and explore the worlds?
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>"""trading""" card game where you can't trade with friends or sell for real cash
>you need $1 "tickets" to play online each time, some modes requiring up to five tickets
>no dailies, no way to earn currency of any kind, not even a simple way of disposing of your cards for a default price
>packs can drop worthless cards, including the default ones everyone starts out with, so their value is practically 0
>no high rarity so gambling with packs to make your money back or to show-off your collection is non-existent
>even that batshit echochamber of a subreddit has finally broken and all the top threads are about how shitty the business model
>valvecucks still somehow defend all of this at least there's no t-t-thirdies, right g-g-guys?
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I miss him bros
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What games let me play as the next superpower? Or are generally set in India?
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Post ur favourite 2hus
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make it vidya
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About to play this for the first time, what am I in for /v/?
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>I want BLU in FFXIV!
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ITT: Oh yeah, That was a thing
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