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100% Orange Juice

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I'm new to the game, is Mira's hyper really as overpowered as my friend says it is? Or is he just salty I won three times in a row?
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Did Xenoblade Chronicles 2 really deserve to sell over 1.8 million copies?
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>is more important than your gpu in your path
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>CTR just released, and people are mostly positive
>SOTC PS4 is considered the definitive version
>FF7R will most likely sell 10+ million on PS4 when it releases
Why is it that remakes of video games tend to yield better results than other mediums?
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Was he right?
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>60 dollars for a Gamecube game, a bland PS3 shooter and a pile of shit
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GTA IV is better than GTA V
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Post you're favorite ASSFAGGOTS hero!
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>sexchange is literally mainstream vidya canon in Japan

Dare I say: Based?
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