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You have ten seconds to explain why you're not playing Azur Lane.
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Sony Censorship

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He's right, you know.
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Okay /v/, it's time to talk about difficulty- one of the most important factors in a game. What pisses you off? What's too easy? What's bearable? What do you do to create your own difficulty level?
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Does this still have an active PC playerbase?

I saw they are FINALLY adding capture points and capital ship interiors and I know that the price is way down from where it was before.
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What's the most accurate depiction of alcohol in a video game?
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>this is truly a nigger face parody color plate
>it's ok to americuns
>feather on g&w head isnt
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Okay can we at least agree on this?
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>6 finals next week
any video games to procrastinate to
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