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you really still haven’t played the best game of 2018 yet, /v/?
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>mfw someone says they don't like TW3
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Games where you can betray your team members?
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Why do people still play Siege? How can anyone who enjoyed this game when it launched as a semi-realistic tactical shooter still play this absolute dog shit? It's become literal fiction now, nothing about the game is grounded in any form of reality. Black Ops 4 is closer to a Swat style game than Siege is now. They don't even make new operators anymore, they just reskin them for the other team now.
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Nintendo's e3 leaked
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Do you like TES lore? Why or why not?
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Post your (owned) vidya tats
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>tfw starting to browse reddit more than /v/
>nearly every good thread is deleted within 20 minutes
Welp, it's been a good ride /v/

What are some games for this feel?
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