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World of Warcraft Classic Thread

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hey sockhead conjure me up some water will ya!

tags: wow world of warcraft classic wow rolling home country roads asmongold stress test druid druchad paladin orc tank sodapoppin druchad no shoes layering
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Games made for Chads who have sex on a daily basis.
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Gay of War

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I am so fucking sick of this bald ugly retard.People who like GoW deserve to die in a grease fire. It's nothing but a shitty Devil May Cry and I'm sick of hearing it praised by people. They need to be fucking murdered for liking such low brow hurr durr bullshit.
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Koromaru vs Teddie vs Morgana

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who is the best
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Where's the best place to get a decent chair for relatively cheap?

Not looking for any 700 dollar gamer chairs...
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Comfy TF2 thread

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Wanna get into 6v6, how viable is Harvest?

I'm asking as it's my favorite map in the game and I know every corner from memory.
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