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Jontron got cucked by a black man ahahahahah
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I've never beaten a Fire Emblem, so I downloaded someone's save who has. I'm really bad, can you all help me?
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Wild HexManiac Appeared !!!
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I don't get why people disliked this game it was better than SS3
>diverse, colorful locations
>guns were stronger (or enemies had less HP)
>you could meet some non hostile NPCs which was actually a breath of fresh air
the humor sucked but you can always just skip the cutscenes
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It will sell millions...
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>be me
>be edgelord
>can’t depict violence, it might be deemed inappropriate
>can’t depict nudity, it might alert feminists
>can’t make fun of dindus
what do?
>fuck you
>shit fucking
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FFXIV Stormblood

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Based or cringe?
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