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PS Vita Hidden Gems/ Must Haves?

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Any games worth getting for this POS? I've seen some dudes selling it locally and might want to give it a chance.

Literally anything that you can suggest is well appreciated. Even the weeb shit.
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Thoughts on Sucy's game?
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Why can't India and China into video games even though they have such a massive population?
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Do you think M$ will really port all of its next gen Xbox games onto W10? Wouldn't they be shooting themselves in the foot if they did that? What's the point of a console without exclusives?
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Is it worth the cash

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I got some extra cash laying around after paying bills and buying groceries and was wondering if this game was worth the 60 dollar pricetag.
Alot of my friends are saying good things about it so i honestly dont need alot of convincing, Just wanna know if it might be better to wait for a sale
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This faggot has just replaced the protagonist of the last game you played.

How much better or worse the game is now?
How would he fare?
Would you play it?
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The 1999 Star Wars Podracing game has just been released on Steam.
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