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So this is it? Bioware will simply die?
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PS Vita Hidden Gems/ Must Haves?

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Any games worth getting for this POS? I've seen some dudes selling it locally and might want to give it a chance.

Literally anything that you can suggest is well appreciated. Even the weeb shit.
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I think this game might be the best fallout to date.
Bring your pitchforks.

I'm level 32, playing solo (I think this might change once they add the push to talk feature).

It feels more like a wasteland, NPCs usually annoy me so less is better. The story telling is fun, the quests, to me, feel more like investigation work (which I really like) and stumbling onto people is awesome, especially when you can get some interaction.

I like the weapons damage, the weapons level, the mobile camp features.

The landscape is awesome the new creatures are awesome. That Snallygaster scared the shit out of me and I've been chased by a Scorch beast for 10 minutes...

Don't get me wrong, I love Fallout 4 but this is for me an improved version.
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Thoughts on Sucy's game?
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Why can't India and China into video games even though they have such a massive population?
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Do you think M$ will really port all of its next gen Xbox games onto W10? Wouldn't they be shooting themselves in the foot if they did that? What's the point of a console without exclusives?
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We LOVE Diablo!
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