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What videogame ending made you go like this?
For me, Silent Hill 2 for its depressive ending and Okami for its stupidly happy ending
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What do you think about her design?
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Name a single good open world game, you literally can't
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You guys should buy a PS4 (or buy more of them if you already have one) to help Sony reach 100 million units sold quicker.

Buy a PS4. It's only $299. It's for a good cause. And once you've done that, you should buy their great lineup of exclusive games.

Buy a PS4.
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Why the fuck don't you play fighting games /v/?
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hello please post a review of the last game you played thank you
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Will this be the Best Pokémon Game ever made?
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What are some GOOD Oblivion mods? atm I have
>Oblivion XP
>Realistic Levelling
>Oblivion Scaling Unclusterfucked
>Maskar's Overhaul
>Supreme Magicka
Any others?
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