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You wake up and you're in a killing game. You either have to get away with murder or survive. What do you do, what's your game plan?
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Gg man
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Animal Crossing Switch

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- Co OP option
- Added jobs (mining, house decorating...)
- Skin color slider
- New personality
- Best friend system

Coming soon
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is it at all in anyway possible to game on a mac? ive had this mac for years (it was gifted to me) its one of those 27 inch desktop ones & i love it but it sucks so much only using a ps4 to play games when games on PC look so much enjoyable i wanna try vr chat and pub g is there anything i can do other than selling my mac?:(
pic unrelated
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wat ya playing
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What thread do you automaticly hide /v/?

For me:
>Anything Pepe ( because samefagging)
>Anything wojak(samefagging as well)
>Soul/Soulless threads
>Sales threads(People without a Highschool diploma talking about things they dont understand)
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Share your Glitchwave page

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Ending (obvious spoilers)

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When it cut to Old Snake and Big Boss both still being alive, this ending was ruined. It would've been perfect had they just cut to sad credits music after Otacon and Sunny were done talking at Meryl's wedding, instead of cutting to action-y credits music followed by a cutscene that gave multiple retarded ass retcons.
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Why are female characters in the Japanese games racially ambiguous?

Without knowledge you would assume all of these girls are White, right?
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