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What games are in your backlog anon?

For me - what should I play first?
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest VII
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy XII
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Did he have an Oedipus complex?
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This is the best HE class abnormality, prove me wrong.
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>favorite chapter
>favorite partner
>favorite sidequest/minigame
>favorite boss
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Damn...congrats to Rockstar i guess
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/v/ sings - Rouge of Love AND Judgement

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Wanna rev up those mics?

Rouge of Love (game size)
Judgement (game size)

These are the in-game versions of the songs, we're not gonna do the full versions since an official instrumental for the full song doesn't exist.

Rules and other shit:
>no vocaroos, please
Only use vocaroos as a last resort, they have a shit bitrate.
If you need to upload it using a file sharing site, I would recommend picosong instead.
>no background instrumentals and noise to a minimum
I just need your voice and voice alone, any background static or noise should be eliminated at your end.
>stay in sync and follow the beat
For Rouge of Love and Judgement, stay in sync with the song as best as you can.
For Judgement, try not to sing Kiryu and Nishiki's lines in the same submission, separate them into separate takes and files.
If you can't sing for shit, try going silly or full retard. I'll see if I can make this any more 'fun'.
Depending on submission count and quality, it could be as early as the end of August. Otherwise TBA.
>where do we send it?
Via email,
But if you prefer to just drop it in the thread, using a file sharing service like picosong.
>have you done anything else?
I did /v/ sings - Baka Mitai
As well as numerous 4chan projects on my channel. Feel free to check them out.

Try not to get overwhelmed by the wall of text.
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