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>tfw no "if you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha" final boss fight
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>May is almost over
>still no May thread
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Why isn't this gacha?
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Hello, we are the most successful games of this gen

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who is your favorite girl fighting game character /v/?
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Will we ever see it? Do we even deserve it?
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Daily reminder everyone this site is for shitposting and acting like a retard. This place is never to be taken seriously for any real discussion. Most users of /v/ use real accounts elsewhere and don't act like they do on here. Do you honestly think the wojak/steve/pepe/etc posters act like that elsewhere? Maybe in a shitposting clique like a Steam Group, Sure. But not elsewhere. If you're wondering why this place is a trainwreck, You're missing the joke. It's like taking Ghost's Talk Show seriously. It's a parody of Micheal Savage/Alex Jones.
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10 years later and microsoft let this stay

this needs to be fucking removed immediately. everyone rev up your gaming pcs we need to let microsoft know this is NOT OK
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