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Out of all the boards on this site, YOU are the most degenerate.

>eRrrmagherdd *snort* Is it time to pick up spiderman yet?
>Giving a shit about Diablo Immortal when you can just not download it
>Whining about microtransactions when you can chose not to buy them
>Talks shit about how Fortnite is for kids and is cringe, proceededs to play whatever autistic nintendo game came out.
>Giving a shit about the review score some manchild gave your favourite game on IGN

If I lived like this, i'd probably kill myself.
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pc release when?
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Are you enjoying the Reignited Trilogy? Looking forward to a legitimate Spyro 4?
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Are you excited to play as him in Jump Force?

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heard this game a while back but I'm only now looking it up and it seems good. Thoughts?
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2018 Game Awards

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There will be some interesting smash info released at the game awards a day before ultimate. Let's just say everyone will be blindsided. ;)
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Hitman Thread

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Anybody knows where the microfilm is hidden in Whittleton Creek?
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What's a good videogame to play :P?
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Assuming Red Dead gets another title, do you think the next game will feature characters we already know? Or would it be all new characters? I hope they make a trend of Red Dead featuring its previous protagonists, theres not much room left in history to go forward so prequels is all we have. Maybe we'll have a Red Dead Redemption 3 with the very first good ending, have it take place when Arthur was 13 first picked up by the gang
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don't you wanna play jap games
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