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If Sonic was associated with an element, would it be wind or lightning/electricity?
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What are the best light hearted and fun relaxed games on PC like Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, etc? Do any even exist?
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I love this game!

Hollow knight thread
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Why do you not play Etrian Odyssey?
Are you too casual?
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>City Sim game
>You can fill the streets with banks
>Eventually you can run a bank making operation out of the banks
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>he doesn't continue to sooth his horses even after maxing them out for roleplay purposes
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nice cuu cuus
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What are some non-rhythm games with good music?

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I'll offer the Hotline Miami games and nuDOOM.
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What's your opinion on pic related?

I'm considering picking up the base game but the sheer number of DLCs available is overwhelming. Are they necessary or can you get by with one or two for QOLA?
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