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My sources have informed me that Bunk Moreland from The Wire will be the next DLC character for Smash Ultimate
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/v/idya Draw Thread

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Previous thread >>455541829

>Post character name/franchises and references and keep them in a single post
>Keep it vidya
>The character(s) must be of vidya origin
>Post an art sample with your "taking requests" requests
>No bumping your requests
>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>No OC requests. You can, however, request the creation of vidya characters.
>Everyone posting "LOOMIS" without explanations and proper criticism is just spam, which should be ignored and reported.
>Please bump if the thread reaches page 10
>Have fun

Post your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW: (current) (backup)
Also, to those uploading, if you know who the subjects of the picture are, please tag them!

NSFW Deliveries (excluding loli/furry content) should also be posted in
For NSFW Deliveries that go against the rules like loli/furry try these sites: or

Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky

Drawing Books and drawing programs:!vp5hQCbQ!oCNGOUgaVeK1pHs3qasJDQ
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So why do people bother watching Twitch? Is it just a big friendship simulator for losers? How do these people have money?
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Ah yes, """""Reapers."""""
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It's time
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ITT: Casual filters.
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Left or right, /v/?
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Reminder that Luke did literally nothing wrong and his party members are dicks.
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why don't she just force crush her opponent's dick for easy wins?
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What is so appealing about this guy?
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