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Who was right here?
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/v/ plays Lost Heir

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Hey /v/, as promised last week, I'm back and now we can continue Chad the Priest's adventure. I'll explain how this works first:

Everyone will get to vote for an option and after a couple of minutes (I'll specify the time limit) I'll tally the votes and pick the option that got the most votes. If you want to vote in a clever way include which option you're picking (Number 2, number 3, etc). Also, in case of a tie, I'll pick the vote with the highest number (last two digits)

Anyway, last we left off, Chad just finished his second quest and now he's going to start his final quest to take down the big bad man.
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The Bloodborne Identity

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I just beat the Cleric Beast and I don't get the whole hubbub about the game. It feels stiff and kinda awkward, especially with the framerate. I picked the axe and got through most encounters by just waiting for an enemy to be within three steps of me and holding the two-handed R2 attack. I died a couple times, all from times where the enemy gangbanged me into a corner. I didn't even end up spending any of my blood bucks until I beat the boss. The blunderbuss felt extremely useless unless the enemy was at 10 hp from death, but I didn't know about the visceral thing until I read the message after beating the boss, so maybe it's useful along the line.

I liked the little mob that roamed the streets that you had to avoid and pick off one by one, and I liked the funny messages people wrote, but overall it seems like a step down from games like DMC1/3/4, God Hand, and Castlevania 1/3/4/Rondo. And yes I know it's supposed to be slower, it's still not very fun. Is there some incredible nuance hidden in the RPG stuff that is enough to save the game? Why is this praised so highly? So far it seems like a solid 6/10. please report anyone trying to shit up the thread w/console war shit, I'm not gunning for that.
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Nintendo is dying

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Press S to spit
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>I HATE blacks -or as I like to call them, niggers- and kikes
Wow, how did Rockstar get away with this?
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Buff it
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This is a picture of me and my wife! Who else hyped about fallout?? We're in it!!
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>They still never fixed it
The absolute state of Bethesda
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